About Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Our Vision: A world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed or alone.

Our Mission: To connect people impacted by breast cancer to trusted information and a community of support.

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1991. LBBC addresses the needs of all people affected by breast cancer, whether they are newly diagnosed, in treatment, recovery or managing a metastatic form of the disease.


Resources are developed in collaboration with the nation’s leading oncologists, health professionals and ally organizations and are delivered by people who understand the physical and emotional complexities of breast cancer. LBBC offers its programs and services in a variety of formats online, in print, by phone and in person.


For more information, visit LBBC.ORG.

9 thoughts on “About Living Beyond Breast Cancer

  1. It would be very comforting and informational to hear from patients that have used medical marijuana and/or hemp oil to to aid in their treatment.

    • Scott, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Cheri Ambrose and I am the founder of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition. (http://www.malebreastcancercoalition.org) We are a national non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together men from all over the world who have survived breast cancer. We bring these men together in one place to share their journey and to connect with other men who have walked in their shoes. I would love the chance to speak to you and perhaps include you in the organization. Feel free to email me at cambrose0214@gmail.com or call 973-224-0634. Thank you Scott for sharing your journey to help others.

  2. I really want more information concerning living beyond cancer. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast-cancer in March 2014.

  3. Thank you for all the posts today on Metastatic Breast Cancer.. So important for people to understand… Those personal stories were moving to say the least.. As always to share is to bring true understanding … Thanks Helen

  4. It been a while since I sent a comment in after the pasding of my favorite cousin this summer’s past. I felt I had nothing positive left to offer. Always trying to be like her, the positive, upbeat energy I only read about in self help books. From my experience I didn’t think I had anything left and that was it. Then again, all those feelings that I poured out to everyone here at lbbc.com would have been a lie or worst an injustice to my bfc (best favorite cousin). So, I would like to stay with ya’ll and be as positive as she was. It wasn’t the end then and it isn’t the end now. Anyone who would like to comment on my post. Email me directly at jlanz622@yahoo.com

  5. Diagnosed triple negative may 2013 nothing in lymph nodes..nothing… thought I kicked its butt with 6 months precautionary chemo…. now on my lungs ….just diagnosed…going to Cleveland clinic

  6. The further I get away from the conventional system the better I feel. There are so many natural therapies out there. Would love to connect with others that are using them.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for your vision to create a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed. I am on a similar mission to bring information and resources to this community.

    My name is Dr. Rimma Finkel. I’m double board certified in Plastic Surgery, specializing primarily in breast reconstruction surgeries. I’ve found that many breast cancer patients have been searching for more information about the reconstruction process. I would like to offer helpful information and resources to these survivors.

    I’d be honored to offer unique new content to help spread your vision. I’ve added information below to our most recent resource. Thank you so much!


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