Thorlos Consumers Choose Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Thorlos supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer this month and beyond with its padded socks specifically for people receiving chemotherapy to treat the disease. 

Thorlos became involved in the cause in 2007 after understanding it had the responsibility to take an active role. A group of employees joined a survivor in a three day fund raising walk that totaled nearly 60 miles. We learned so much that weekend. First, we were surrounded by a sense of caring and love that was incredibly strong yet impossible to put into words. We also quickly saw that our sock products – that are fabulous for foot and blister protection – were “sorely” needed (pun intended). The only question was how should we participate?shop.thorlo.thumb

In the first year we supported a single organization and quickly learned our consumers wanted us to also help other organizations that had helped them. Being a smaller brand we do listen closely to our consumers. Through their encouragement we decided to have them designate how our donations should be allocated. Our program donates $1 from each pair of pink padded Thorlos® sold to a worthy Breast Cancer Charity. Initially it was on two sock styles. We have now increased it to six styles including one for men which can be seen on our website. As you might guess LBBC was one of the organizations our consumers insisted their $1 be given to.

They were right! We have learned that LBBC is a terrific organization of people and programs devoted to the newly diagnosed, young women, those living with metastatic breast cancer, African-Americans, those diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and LGBT people affected by breast cancer. It complemented the other organizations our consumers wanted their donations to go to.

So our active role is to help people participate year after year in fund raising walks and runs by protecting and taking care of their feet with our specially padded sock products. This year we asked the Institute for Preventive Foot Health – another nonprofit organization we support – to develop and fill three information voids important to fund raisers and those in the midst of fighting the disease. With LBBC we encourage you to review each of the following articles:

Cause Walking: How to Protect Your Feet Before, During and After the Event

Benefits of Regular Exercise for Women with Breast Cancer

How Chemotherapy Can Affect the Feet

Please contact us if we can help you or a loved one with their foot health needs. You will be surprised the difference Thorlos “heart and soul” approach can make (pun intended).

2 thoughts on “Thorlos Consumers Choose Living Beyond Breast Cancer

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  2. I have been following your blog and many others on this subject. Which brought my team and I to 
    action to do something that would make an impact and not only bring HOPE to one cause but many others. We feel that breast cancer is a very big issue and decided to do something about it. We have started a company called HOPE Shades. It’s an eco-friendly sunglasses brand that is on a mission to bring HOPE back to this planet. We do this by selling stylish glasses that bring real change and HOPE to peoples lives every day. Each pair of HOPE Shades helps a different Charity or Cause. For Breast Cancer we teamed up with The National Breast Cancer Foundation and have created a partnership that will bring awareness and real help to Women all over the world. The Purchase of 20 pairs of HOPE 4 BREAST CANCER Sunglasses will provide a mammogram to one Woman in need. We are on a mission to help prevent Breast Cancer until a cure can be found. We have been funding this company so far with our own money but need your help to finish making this company a reality. Please go check out our Indiegogo campaign and buy a pair of HOPE Shades. You will not only be getting a stylish pair of shades you will be impacting someones life in ways you never dreamed possible. Thank you in advance for your support and look forward to bringing HOPE and change to millions around the globe.–2#/

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