Lymphedivas Sleeves: Giving You Back Your Confidence

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Development Projects Coordinator Christina Meehan on how LympheDIVAs made a difference in her life after she experienced mild lymphedema. Shop at LympheDIVAs to support LBBC!

After finishing the majority of my treatment for stage IV breast cancer, I was really looking forward to not looking “sick.” I didn’t need any more people staring at me for being bald at age 31 or for missing a breast at age 32. I wanted to blend in as much as possible and had a hard time looking people in the eye when I was in public. “Yes, I have cancer,” I would think to myself. “Have you never seen someone with cancer or is it that you never saw a 30-something woman with cancer? Either way, please stop looking at me with that pitiful expression.”2015 Lymphediva sleeve_for blog

At a follow up appointment with my oncologist, he noticed that my right arm (same side as my surgery) was a bit swollen and referred me to a lymphedema specialist.  I never heard of lymphedema but soon realized that I had a mild case. I had to see the lymphedema specialist three times a week – usually at 6:30 in the morning to fit around my work schedule. She was my age so at least we had that in common. We would chat while she massaged and stretched my arm and when I would use that silly hand bike thing in the gym (I still don’t know what the point of that machine is).

Anyway, after a few sessions she told me it was time to order my sleeve. “Come again?” I asked her. She pulled out this brownish sleeve that A.) was ugly and B.) looked like half a leg of a Spanx shaper. To my horrid surprise, I was supposed to wear this hideous thing all day, every day – that is, if I didn’t want to wrap my arm with six Ace bandages (which I did three times and looked like Frankenstein when he walked around with his arms out – but in my case an arm). Talk about options!

I was crushed. I wanted to blend in not look like a brown monster. Plus, I had gained weight during treatment so my arm looked like an encased sausage. I hated wearing the sleeve. To be honest, I often didn’t wear it – not only because it was awful but because it was hot and would always roll down my arm, cutting off my circulation. Even though I lied to the lymphedema specialist she could tell from my arm that I wasn’t wearing the sleeve. She told me about another company that makes lymphedema sleeves called LympheDIVAs. When I saw their products, which look like tattoos in my opinion, I was so excited. There were so many fun and feminine designs. I remember saying to the lymphedema specialist, “can I order five?”

Trust me when I say it’s soooo much better than the crappy brown thing I originally had.

  • It doesn’t roll down my arm, hence my circulation continues
  • There are so many fun designs that choosing just one is hard
  • Even though it provides enough compression, I’m not nearly as hot wearing it
  • I think I look pretty bad ass wearing it
  • When I’m at the gym it’s not nearly as hot and gross as the “brown thing.”

To sum up, the LympheDIVAs sleeve gave me some of my confidence back that cancer took from me. I realized this last month when I was putting my sleeve on in an airport. People were blatantly staring and turning around to see what I was doing. Without any hesitation I loudly and proudly stated, “Nothing to see here people. It’s just a cool lymphedema sleeve, no need for photos.”

Take that cancer.

LympheDIVAs will be at Wellness Weekend in Denver, CO! Visit their exhibit table at the annual fall conference on Saturday, September 19 for 15% off any Yogi purchase and FREE gift (travel pouch) with ANY purchase.

You can also make a lymphie friend promotion. Here’s how to do it:

    • To get a 5% discount:
      • Wear any LympheDIVAs sleeve en-route/ at the conference.
      • Post a strong arm image on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag #DivasBeyondCancer.
      • Show us your post on your smart device at our booth.
    • To get 10% discount:
      • Wear any LympheDIVAs sleeve en-route/ at the conference.
      • Find a lymphie friend, take a strong arm picture together.
      • Post on each of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages with hashtag #DivasBeyondCancer #LymphieFriends
    • To get  15% discount:
      • Wear any LympheDIVAs sleeve en-route/ at the conference.
      • Find 2 lymphie friends, take a strong arm picture together.
      • Post on each of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages with hashtag #DivasBeyondCancer #LymphieFriends

3 thoughts on “Lymphedivas Sleeves: Giving You Back Your Confidence

  1. she gives you the website in the article, pink candy. You click on the link in the article. It’s Then your doctor or lymphedema therapist has to give you the right compression number to order.

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