Yoga On The Steps 2015: Your Love Story

Yvette and JenniferWelcome!

We are excited to share our theme for Yoga on the Steps 2015Your Love Story.

When we say “Your Love Story” we’re not talking about romantic love, nor are we talking about love for family, or friends, which is all valuable and essential. When we say “Your Love Story” we’re talking about a theme for the Yoga on the Steps practice which features you at the center of your own love story, honoring your own experiences and journey. Because ultimately, self-acceptance, self-care and self-respect is the love story a yoga practice promotes.

What is your love story?

All love stories begin with something happening or not happening to you. Your expectations and world changes and your perception of “Who you are” is challenged.

There are 3 basic elements to process change:

  1. Choose a lens to view your experience. You have a choice. Do you choose to feel victimized? To fall into the trap of ‘worst case scenario’ thinking? Or will you choose to be the heroine of your destiny? Choose the lens, the perspective of yourself that empowers you.
  1. Advocate for your self-care and investigate what draws you fully alive. Will you reach out into your community for support and education? Will you love yourself enough to make yourself a priority and advocate for your personal care and joy? Choose your joy and respect your own process.
  1. Simplify and love. Clean house, unclutter, and eliminate what crowds or blocks you from doing what you love. Simplify and distill your life down to what really matters to you. Instead of talking about it, do what you love. Love is a verb, an action. You love baking, love dancing, love being with friends, love the outdoors, etc. Get engaged to what you love. Do what you love.

We invite you to come to Yoga on the Steps with the intention to empower Your Love Story in new and exciting ways.

We look forward to seeing you on the steps!

~ Jennifer Schelter & Yvette Pecoraro

Jennifer Schelter, MFA, is the founder of Yoga Schelter, Inc., and co-founder of our signature fundraising event, Yoga on the Steps. Learn more about Jennifer’s work at

Yvette Pecoraro is a singer, songwriter and Kirtan artist. She released her debut CD, “Into the Arms of Love,” in April 2010. Read more about Yvette and her work at

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