LBBC and Angela & Roi

A&RLogo2 Angela-Roi-handbag-2_mediumAs most of you know, we at LBBC have an initiative called “Beyond October”. We do this because over 300,000 individuals will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year and roughly 1 in 12 of these individuals are diagnosed during the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Given this, the majority of individuals are diagnosed during the rest of the year, hence our “Beyond October” campaign. We have various partners who embrace this idea but today, classic vegan handbags for a cause makers Angela & Roi, are sharing why they’ve decided to partner with LBBC and why they believe in Beyond October…

Throughout our daily life, we often ask the question – is it possible to do what we love, and better the world while doing it?  At Angela & Roi, we believe this is not only possible but also the way that companies should be conducted.  We are founded on the belief that businesses should accept social responsibility for the products they put out, and utilize their resources to positively impact the greater community around them. We believe in using our passions for good.

When Angela and Roi founded our handbag company, they strove to combine both fashion and philanthropy.  Both founders had a desire to build a business with a “do good” attitude.  Due to their personal ties to the health community, our founders chose to focus on supporting healthcare related issues.  The mission sprung from this – empower people to “do good” through fashion.  Which is how we began our “donate by color” mission – to donate a portion of each handbag sale to a specific non-profit health organization.

While we focus solely on charities supporting health issues, we also have strong criteria for the charities we choose to partner with.  It is important that these charities, 1) have a positive impact 2) have a follow-through mentality and 3) do not put their financial gains first.

A positive impact does not necessarily mean the largest impact, but an impact that is honest and good.  We choose to work alongside LBBC as they have been constantly honored with the highest charity rating by Charity Navigator.  They are additionally recognized for the quality of their educational programs.

We additionally look to work with charities that have a holistic view of their mission. and we appreciate that LBBC expands its assistance and programs to women and men throughout the entire diagnosis process.  They include support from day one, through recovery that encompasses the years beyond.  LBBC’s focus on living beyond the diagnosis fosters such a positive outlook for the individuals touched by this nonprofit organization.

Lastly, we are extremely impressed with the fact that LBCC holds Charity Navigator’s highest ranking for sound fiscal management year-round.  We were initially drawn to this partnership after learning that LBBC donates 86 cents of every dollar directly to programs and supportive services.  We find this extremely honorable, and strive work with organizations that truly value the cause first and foremost.

We look forward to expanding our impact beyond October, and through our partnerships with great charities like LBBC we are able to do so.  We give a big “thanks” to LBBC, and everyone supporting a “do good” message across the globe.

Written by A&R Do Good director, Olivia Rodriguez

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