5-hour ENERGY Goes Beyond October

HeadshotEven though Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, 5-hour Energy is continuing to donate proceeds from the sale of their specially marked Pink Lemonade flavor to LBBC until December 31, 2014. As a partner of our Going Beyond October campaign, 5-hour ENERGY staff member Melissa Skabich is sharing with us why she’s proud to work for an organization who supports the breast cancer cause beyond October. 

I am the director of public relations for the makers of 5-hour ENERGY.  I’m also a wife, a mom to three boys under age 11, a sometimes runner, and a soon-to-be owner of a French bulldog puppy named Mack.   Before I was any of those things, I was a young college graduate who watched cancer kill my 43-year-old godmother in a matter of ten short weeks.  Kidney.

And way before that, I was an eight-year-old girl feeding  teaspoons of chocolate ice cream to my grandfather, who once seemed like the strongest man in the world but the cancer made him so weak he could barely lift his head.  A few weeks later I made my very first public speaking appearance when I read at his funeral.  It was my first real loss, and I missed him so much my chest would hurt.  Now, even 30 years later, I still feel a pang whenever I hear Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” on the radio.  It was my grief anthem.  Lung.

My sons know that pain too.  They lost their grandmother two years ago at age 63.  She fought so hard for years to stay alive as the cancer attacked, retreated, and attacked again.  Uterine.

So much pain, so many stories, and we all have them.  Cancer.

When LBBC asked me to write a blog post about its program with 5-hour ENERGY, I couldn’t help but smile.  I’m so proud of the fact that Living Essentials, the company that markets 5-hour ENERGY, will continue to support LBBC for a second year through sales of a limited edition, specially marked pink lemonade flavor of 5-hour ENERGY that is on shelves now.  From September until December 31, 2014, Living Essentials is donating five cents from the sale of every bottle of specially marked pink lemonade flavored 5-hour ENERGY shots sold in the United States to LBBC.  Living Essentials has committed to provide LBBC with a guaranteed minimum donation of $200,000.00.

Living Essentials puts a tremendous amount of effort behind promoting the program.  As a result, calls to LBBC’s toll-free Helpline doubled from the previous year, and more than 41,000 Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer, publications that describe and provide insight on topics such as diagnosis, treatment, recovery or disease management, were distributed at no charge. In addition, over 200,000 people visited lbbc.org for information and to connect with others sharing their experiences.

To have played even a small part in this program is nothing short of awesome.  So when Jean, Kevin and the amazing staff at LBBC thank us for what we’re doing, my immediate response is to thank them back for letting us be part of their world.  It’s an honor, and I know that my godmother, grandfather and mother-in-law would be proud.


Check out the LBBC website here for more Beyond October partners. 

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