White House | Black Market Paint Your Profile Picture Pink


White House | Black Market‘s philanthropic commitment to LBBC has allowed our organization to grow and expand in a way that now allows us to reach more women in need of our services than ever before.”
Jean Sachs, MSS, MLSP, CEO, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

As we continue to turn the calendar pages during this beautiful month of October, we are reminded daily that this is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  How can you not notice – pink ribbons, pink building tops, pink fountains, pink toilet paper, pink professional sports teams…it’s a virtual sea of pink.  As an eight-year breast cancer survivor, it is particularly striking.  Most frustrating is to see items marketed during October with pink ribbons and to read the packaging and see that no money goes towards breast cancer research or support.  This is simply a marketing tool that companies use to sell their products.  This is an exploitation of all of the people who have experienced breast cancer.  I urge consumers to read the packaging and see where your money is going, don’t fall into the pink washing trap.

I have been actively involved with Living Beyond Breast Cancer since my diagnosis at age 31, while pregnant with my son, Hunter.  After I was diagnosed they helped me to navigate my options for reconstruction.  I became a helpline volunteer for them a few years ago and I volunteer whenever I am able.  I am currently off of the Helpline while I enjoy my children – 11, 8 and 1.  I am thankful for my life after breast cancer and for all of the support I received from LBBC.

A long time supporter of LBBC is White House | Black Market.  They, along with their sister companies, have donated over two million dollars to LBBC to fund its mission and programming!  The dollars they say they will donate, they DO donate.  They support women.  That is a statement in itself.  It is refreshing to run into a company that not only cares about their sales, but they care about the women who are their customers.  They have done many beautiful ad campaigns celebrating women who have been affected by breast cancer.  Each year they have products for sale and a large portion of the selling price is donated directly to LBBC.

This year White House | Black Market has committed to donate up to $25,000 though their “Pink your Pic” campaign.  It’s a simple way to show your support for breast cancer survivors while raising money for a great organization!  I kindly ask you to take a moment, follow the link below and Pink your Pic as a show of support for LBBC, White House Black Market and most importantly, women who have been affected by breast cancer.

Add pink to your Facebook profile pic and White House | Black Market will donate $1 to LBBC, up to $25k! Click here to get started! 

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