White House | Black Market Supports LBBC

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Today on the LBBC blog, White House | Black Market president Donna Noce discusses the long-standing partnership between LBBC and White House | Black Market and why they continue to support LBBC, not only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month but also Beyond October…

“I feel very strongly that we use the power that we have as a brand and an organization to support something that’s really good.” Donna Noce, President, White House | Black Market

Living Beyond Breast Cancer connects people to trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. Donna Noce is president of White House | Black Market, an international fashion boutique. Since 2004, together with its sister brands, Chico’s, Soma, and Boston Proper, WHBM has donated more than $2.1 million in support of LBBC.

Over the years, WHBM has supported LBBC through the sale of limited-edition products, register donations, in-boutique events and a dedicated mailer in October. In 2010, when White House | Black Market celebrated its 25th anniversary, they also honored 25 women fighting the disease. That same year, WHBM received LBBC’s Corporate Leadership Award.

On Living Beyond Breast Cancer

When I was first learning about Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), what struck me most was their commitment to creating a place where everyone touched by the disease could go for information and support. Through LBBC, I also learned about the complex challenges facing women after diagnosis, as well as during treatment, recovery and disease management. LBBC hears and respects women tremendously, regardless of age, stage of disease, background or identity. And it gives each person a voice.

On Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We believe that it’s important to recognize the role Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) has played in raising consciousness about the disease. However, one of the many reasons we’ve remained loyal to our partnership with LBBC is that they’re doing so much more. They educate and empower women by making incredibly complex information easy to understand, and creating a community of peers, patients, caregivers and medical professionals to offer thoughtful and compassionate guidance.

This year WHBM is supporting LBBC through the sale of limited-edition products, register donations, in-boutique events, and an exciting new social media initiative, through which followers of WHBM’s social channels are encouraged to add a pink filter to their profile pictures. WHBM will donate $1 for every profile pic, up to 25K.

Beyond October

The numbers prove that breast cancer doesn’t discriminate according to a month on the calendar:

  • 98% of breast cancer diagnoses occur in women
  • One woman in 8 women will be diagnosed with a form of the disease in her lifetime
  • Six to 10% of newly diagnosed women and 30% of women re-diagnosed after being treated for early-stage breast cancer will learn they have metastatic disease (meaning that the cancer has progressed from the breast to another organ in the body)

We are deeply aware of these sobering statistics, and are honored that our year-round support of LBBC served as the inspiration for the organization’s newly launched Beyond October initiative.

As a founding corporate partner of Beyond October, we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to those who depend on LBBC’s services by providing financial and promotional support of the organization’s programs and projects – not just in October but throughout the year.

We are committed to ensuring that each and every woman who shops at White House Black Market is aware that there is a safe and trusted place she can turn to for help, information, and support.

For more information about the items available from White House | Black Market supporting LBBC please click here.

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