Podcasts and Presentations on lbbc.org: Learning About Breast Cancer When it’s Convenient for You

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If you missed a Living Beyond Breast Cancer community meeting, webinar or other educational event, you can find that program’s podcast and/or presentation on lbbc.org. Learn about the LBBC Event Archive and check out a few podcasts and presentations from recent events. 

You had a doctor’s appointment or needed to get treatment. The weather and your distance to the community meeting location made it difficult for you to join us. You had to work through your lunch break. Schedule conflicts happen.

This is why some LBBC programs are recorded, transcribed and posted on our website – so that you can listen to or read them when your schedule permits. Our LBBC Event Archive has an extensive listing of podcasts, presentations and/or transcripts of events from 2010-present.

Check out some of our recent podcasts and presentations:

Discover more podcasts and presentations on lbbc.org/event-archive.

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