Yoga on the Steps: Participant Spotlight

downsizeThis week on the LBBC blog, we shine our light on Sue Rosen, a longtime supporter of LBBC and our signature education and fundraising event Yoga on the Steps: Philadelphia. She became aware of LBBC at the inaugural Yoga on the Steps event in 2002.  

Wow!  You have been part of Yoga on the Steps and LBBC for so long.  Tell us more about what drew you to the event and how it affected your life.

I was at the first Yoga Unites, as it was called in the beginning. At the time I was still in treatment for my breast cancer, and was only peripherally acquainted with yoga. I attended the event, and it was a profound experience.  I felt connected to myself and the possibility of being able to heal and become stronger through the practice of yoga.  That is what I walked away from after my first Yoga, and it is what I have continued to incorporate in my life every single day since that first experience.


What motivates you and your team when you fundraise for Yoga on the Steps?

I think knowing that the money we ask for on behalf of LBBC is going to fund some of the best and most comprehensive resources for people diagnosed with breast cancer.  I’ve used some of these services, like the Breast Cancer Helpline, and know from first-hand experience how they helped me.  That LBBC makes these resources available for anyone free of charge is also very important and that there are such a large range of services for women of all ages and all stages of breast cancer.

What do you find special about LBBC?

I’ve so enjoyed seeing the organization’s growth since 2002.  The fact that our work as fundraisers is providing the financial assistance for LBBC to expand existing services, and helping them reach more women and men than ever before, is also very important.  The educational programs and conferences create such a strong support system as well as a network which helps advocates for others.


What would you say to someone who might be uncomfortable about participating because they are unfamiliar with yoga?

That’s easy.  Come share the moment!  When I first tried yoga, I didn’t get it.  It was pretty slow!  But I saw the advertisement about this new event that was different than a walk or a run for women diagnosed with breast cancer and figured I’d give it another try.  Being a cancer survivor in treatment created a new time in my life and allowed an opening for something new.

Yoga does not mean that you must strive to look like the stars or “popular” yoga instructors on the front of a yoga magazine. It doesn’t even mean you have to be able to touch your toes!  One of the ultimate goals of practicing yoga is self development and self awareness.  Whenever someone says they’re uncomfortable, I say, “Oh, please come and learn! You will not have to twist like a pretzel – you can just be present and  take in a new experience AND support LBBC and the people that they serve.”


Yoga on the Steps: Philadelphia will be held on Sunday, May 19th on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and hundreds of individuals will participate in an outdoor yoga class in support of those affected by breast cancer. Please share this event with friends and family and consider starting or joining a team yourself! More information and registration details can be found at!

Also, for our friends in the Denver and Kansas city areas: Yoga on the Steps is coming to your cities as well! For more information visit

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