Honoring the Memories

LBBC Awards 002

Recently LBBC hosted a party to honor our very generous and dedicated volunteers. We awarded various individuals with specific volunteer honors for their hard work in helping to further the LBBC mission of connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. Liz Barker was one of these individuals and here was her take on the evening’s festivities…

Living Beyond Breast Cancer just had their Volunteer Appreciation Awards dinner this past week. It was at a brand new concept restaurant in Bala Cynwyd, Pa. called honeygrow.

I was delighted and honored to be chosen as an award recipient by LBBC for doing something that comes natural to me – helping for and caring about others.

As the other recipients were introduced and took turns speaking, I was moved by their words, their courage, and their commitments. One man had lost his young wife to breast cancer. He and his young children were left to carry on alone in life. To help him cope with his loss, he chose to volunteer for LBBC to honor his love for his wife. It was very touching.

Another woman recipient was diagnosed with metastatic breaLBBC Awards 010st cancer. Despite her ongoing daily battle with cancer for years, she keeps herself busy and optimistic with her volunteer work. Her story truly touched me. Here she is literally fighting for her wellness each day, and she finds time to give back to others.

By the time that I was introduced, I realized that, although I have done a fair share of good deeds for LBBC, there is more to do. And, that I am very fortunate to have survived and thrived so well these past 23 years. This is why I thank God daily for sparing Bryan and I, and for the good health that we both enjoy.

This warm and wonderful event reminded me why I will always hold volunteering for breast cancer and for special needs children (in memory of Lauren), near and dear to my heart.

Liz Barker is a long-time LBBC volunteer and friend. She raised over $1000 with her “Fabulous Shoe Night” event in 2013 to beneLBBC Awards 006fit LBBC. Over the years she has also volunteered at many events, including LBBC’s Butterfly Ball. She was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 1991, at the age of 34.

LBBC is always looking for volunteers, whether it’s helping out with projects at the LBBC office or during educational and fundraising events or even helping to spread the word about LBBC’s programs and services in communities across the country if you’re not local to the Philadelphia area. For more information and a list of current volunteer needs please visit www.lbbc.org/volunteer

One thought on “Honoring the Memories

  1. Thank God for volunteers, and thank you to your organization for honouring them. Volunteers with lived experience are worth their weight in gold.

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