Your Breast Cancer Experience in Six Words

Last fall, we started a breast cancer six-word memoir campaign to share your thoughts and experiences with the disease. Beginning this month, we will restart the project for 2014. Read below to learn more and to see our collection of mini-memoirs from 2013.

Kim Boyer's Six-Word Memoir for Oct. 23, 2013

Kim Boyer’s Six-Word Memoir for Oct. 23, 2013

Everyone has a story. For people with breast cancer, that story can be a roller coaster of complex emotions. As an organization with a vision of a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed or alone, we at Living Beyond Breast Cancer provide you with many ways to tell your story – first-person stories and videos, profiles, stories found on this blog and most recently, our breast cancer six-word memoirs.

Inspired by SMITH Magazine’s project, Six-Word Memoirs, we launched our breast cancer-specific six-word memoirs during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013. The six-words you submitted during that time have amazed and moved us and our readers.

We hope to publish more of your mini-memoirs, since we are happy to announce that we are relaunching the project this month. Beginning this Saturday, we will publish new breast cancer six-word memoirs! We will continue sharing your mini-memoirs every second Saturday of the month. If you would like to submit your memoir, email with your name, age, breast cancer stage and subtype, and of course, your six-words.

Here are the breast cancer six-word memoirs from 2013:

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