Veza and Living Beyond Breast Cancer

2 One of LBBC‘s newest shop to support partners is Veza, a very unique and charitable company, founded by a a very unique and charitable individual. Read his personal story about why he felt compelled to start his company and why he chose to eventually partner with LBBC from the Veza’s point of view…

The unfortunate commonness of breast cancer was one of the main reasons that Brandon Michaels, founder and brainchild behind Veza, felt an immediate connection with Living Beyond Breast Cancer. However, after learning more specifically about LBBC’s goals and mission, Brandon was sure that this was a cause worth support and partnership. While breast cancer foundations are vast and range in size and mission, Brandon was immediately drawn to the cause behind LBBC and the powerful impact that the foundation continues to make. It is refreshing and unique to find a foundation who puts a priority on teaching those who have been diagnosed and their families how to cope with the disease. LBBC is one of a few organizations in which patients are put at the forefront by offering programs and services unique to their needs and personal circumstances.

Brandon is thrilled to have partnered with LBBC, through his company Veza, as both are dedicated to helping those diagnosed and their families by providing access to information and services that aid in the battle of the devastating disease. The partnership will allow Brandon to contribute a significant donation to the foundation through the support of individuals like you. With each purchase of the Pink on White wristband, you too can support the cause and in a fun and fashionable way.

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About Veza

Brandon’s inspiration for Veza began with a passion for two things: style and philanthropy. He wanted to combine this passion for style with a desire for social good and to show others that supporting a cause you believe in is something worth doing. Realizing that wrist-wear often lacked design innovation, he envisioned a sleek, visually appealing collection of wristbands. With that, he partnered each Veza wristband with a unique charitable cause, ultimately giving the buyer the choice of the color they want to wear, or the cause they want to support.


Today Veza features 12 sporty yet elegant wristbands for men, women and teens. Each wristband supports a unique cause that was personally chosen by Brandon as a charity that shares similar goals and values. Purchase your Pink on White Veza in support of Living Beyond Breast Cancer here.


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