Poetry By Judy Koza


LBBC’s Writing the Journey is a 6-part workshop series lead by instructor Alysa Cummings designed to help you express and document your thoughts and feelings about your journey with breast cancer. Whether you are newly diagnosed, have recently completed treatment, are years beyond treatment, or are living with metastatic breast cancer, this writing series offers you a safe and creative outlet for processing and coping with your experience. No previous writing experience is necessary! Just ask Judy Koza, a former Writing the Journey participant who has been kind enough to share three of her poems with us today…

Cancer Scripts

I write as I speak, with reservedness
dealing with cancer with utmost control
Seeing the cancer world only through you
And him and her and everyone but me
I have over, or maybe under thought
All things cancer, to the point of blocking
Hiding, pushing, banishing it from me
I have willed it away, oh such restraint
To disconnect the beast from my body
And my everyday mind, not wanting to,
Not daring to connect with the “why me”
What lies on the other side of my fear
Do I peek over the wall to learn, or
Am I destined to recoil forever?


In my mind I am grateful for cancer
That has sharpened my senses
And made me see through a skewed lens
The power of living

In my thoughts I am grateful for cancer
That has taken me to the bottom
And lifted me higher than before
The joy of living

In my conscience I am grateful for cancer
That has drawn me closer to my true self
And brought me to my new place
The art of living

Where I Went

I went to my mammo
Like I was supposed to
Cocky, invincible
See you next year, I lilted

I went to the surgeon
Like I was supposed to
Apprehensive, destructible
See you next week, he declared

I went to the hospital
Like I was supposed to
Petrified, trembling
See you afterwards, they sputtered

I went to my old life
Like I was supposed to
Transformed, recalibrated
I see myself, anew.

Judy Koza is a speech pathologist by profession. She has a wonderful supportive husband, 2 children, and a recently acquired son-in-law who is a welcome addition to her family. Survivor since 2010. Fun fact: She has a private pilot license. 

Again, for more information or to register for the Spring Writing the Journey Series please click here.

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