I Was Not Alone: How LBBC Helped Me Live Beyond Breast Cancer

Last week, Amy Lessack wrote about why she’s giving back to LBBC on #GivingTuesday. Today, we are proud to present this blog post by Debby Freedman, an LBBC volunteer who credits our organization with helpling her through her diagnosis, treatment and beyond. With one day left until the start of our #GivingTuesday activities, we hope Debby’s story will inspire you to support LBBC tomorrow and help us reach more women like her.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 years ago and I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

I first connected with LBBC when I was in chemo.  I was still fairly newly diagnosed and I was really scared.  I needed someone to talk to who could understand what I was going through and who wouldn’t be alarmed by my fear. I called LBBC’s Breast Cancer Helpline and spoke to a fellow survivor.  The call was a huge relief to me. The LBBC Helpline volunteer reassured me and helped me feel that I was not alone in facing the fear that comes with cancer.

After calling the Helpline, I began to rely on LBBC for information about treatment, side effects and prevention.  I participated in calls with experts on particular aspects of breast cancer, read brochures and attended LBBC’s annual conference.  Throughout all of these, I loved LBBC’s mission of living BEYOND cancer and the fact that I could trust the information I got from them.

About a year and a half after my diagnosis, I wanted to do something to help other survivors and, after a lot of training, I began to volunteer on the LBBC Helpline. Volunteering for the Helpline has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life because in the course of one phone call, you can hear that you are making a big difference in a survivor’s life.

LBBC has made a big difference in my life and has helped me to really feel that I am a survivor.  Please support LBBC!

Learn about LBBC’s programs and services that help all those affected by breast cancer.

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6 thoughts on “I Was Not Alone: How LBBC Helped Me Live Beyond Breast Cancer

  1. Very hard time goes after any breast cancer treatment…and specially when your dear ones not near to talk to you….we are here too watch many our patient who are diagnosed and treated breast cancer …we gave them full emotional support like family member..because we know her pain..but i salute every patient who are suffering from breast cancer and fight against these deadly disease…and such programs is really wonderful.

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