Choosing Mastectomy Swimwear

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At one point or another in our lives, things can take an unexpected turn. Maybe it’s an unexpected job loss, maybe a fire destroys your most precious possessions or maybe you are diagnosed with the dreaded c-word. Obviously no one would be thrilled to learn that somewhere inside his or her body cancerous cells are wreaking havoc, and yet even during such a trying time, you somehow learn to become stronger for yourself and for your loved ones.

Sadly, breast cancer affects an increasing number of women every year and very few of our lives have been untouched by its cold fingers, whether it’s a personal battle or watching a mother, sister, daughter or friend fight against its grasp. This cancer in particular can be very harsh on a woman’s sense of femininity and self-confidence, as it can result in the removal of a piece of womanhood itself–the breast. While this can be a difficult transition, there is absolutely no reason to feel unattractive simply because your body has changed slightly, although it’s understandably much easier said than done. Going grocery shopping in a t-shirt can be intimidating enough but what happens when your family is planning a beach vacation or your girlfriends want to take a cruise? After all you’ve been through you certainly have an increased appreciation for living life to the fullest, so don’t let any anxiety prevent you from enjoying the beauty of nature and making precious memories.

Color Magic Mastectomy by Charmline

Several different lines of post-mastectomy swimwear can be found from a simple Internet search but if you want a reputable brand, Charmline by Maryan Mehlhorn and Lands’ End offer great, high-quality styles. Over the years, Charmline has been dubbed a “Pioneer in Shapewear” for its gorgeous figure-flattering swimsuits with varying degrees of shaping and support, and these same signature qualities are present in the brand’s mastectomy swimwear styles. Charmline’s mastectomy suits feature higher-cut necklines, shelf bras (no underwire), and specially designed velcro-close pockets for those who prefer to insert a prosthesis. Similarly, Lands’ End specializes in modest, flattering swimsuits and offers mastectomy styles that are designed to hide scars while still flattering your figure. The brand offers a variety of styles to meet different women’s needs, including higher-cut armholes and necklines, powermesh bras with sewn-in soft cups, and prosthesis pockets. Both Charmline and Lands’ End place emphasis on flattering cuts and gorgeous designs to help make their post-mastectomy customers look and feel beautiful.

It might take a bit of shopping to find the suit and style that you are most comfortable with, but there are a number of different options available on the market today. If there aren’t any stores carrying mastectomy swimsuits in your nearby area, shopping online allows you try on your suits in the privacy of your own home–just make sure the store has a good return policy. The most important thing to remember is that beauty comes from within, so slap on the sunscreen and that gorgeous smile of yours and live it up!

One thought on “Choosing Mastectomy Swimwear

  1. I’m a younger women who has had a mastectomy. It’s challenging to find good swim wear. Since I have a small cheast to begin with, I often just get bikinis with triangle tops, and use that. Not all work, but some do. The prosthesis stays at home. ~Catherine

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