Breast Cancer Six-Word Memoirs for BCAM 2013 – Week of Oct. 27

Your six-word memoirs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2013 inspired us, our readers and others affected by the disease. These posts below were from the last week of BCAM, but that doesn’t mean our mini-memoir fun will end. Read more to see the last few BCAM memoirs and learn about our future plans for this feature, influenced by Smith Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project.

Lynn Folkman's Six-Word Memoir for Oct. 31, 2013

Lynn Folkman’s Six-Word Memoir for Oct. 31, 2013

Our final week of breast cancer six-word memoirs is bittersweet — while we’re happy to share our final five mini-stories for BCAM, we’re also sad to see the daily project end. (We strongly encourage you to check out weeks one, twothree and four of this awesome storytelling campaign!)

However, the sadness won’t last too long; this project has been such a hit among our Facebook and LBBC blog followers that we’re going to publish your breast cancer six-word memoirs as a weekly feature right here on the blog! Check back later this year and early 2014 as we begin this feature.

To submit your mini-story about breast cancer, email with your first and last name, age, year diagnosed and breast cancer subtype and, of course, your breast cancer story in six words. (Also, don’t hesitate to share your story on the Six-Word Memoir website!)

Without further adieu, here are the six-word memoirs from the week of Oct. 27:

4 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Six-Word Memoirs for BCAM 2013 – Week of Oct. 27

  1. I sent a 6 word story, but I didn’t see it published…..and now I cannot remember what I wrote. Is my story there? Thanks for your help. I think my hormone therapy is causing me to forget…..a lot!

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