You’re In the Right Place

Today’s blog post was written by Carl Sperber, Creative Director at Living Essentials, LLC.  Living Essentials continues to support breast cancer causes in 2013 with the introduction of a new, limited edition, specially marked raspberry flavor of 5-hour ENERGY®. From now through December 31, Living Essentials, LLC (the distributor of 5-hour ENERGY® shots) will donate five cents from the sale of every bottle of raspberry flavored 5-hour ENERGY® to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC).  The minimum guaranteed donation is $75,000.


20135-hourEnergyPinkRaspberry WebsiteI make commercials for 5-hour ENERGY. I’m also a cancer survivor. So working with LBBC on commercials for this year’s 5-hour ENERGY breast cancer fundraiser was particularly meaningful to me. Professionally, LBBC has been wonderful to work with. Personally, I find LBBC’s approach to caring for those with breast cancer absolutely essential. If you’re seeking information and support, look no farther. You’re in the right place.

Cancer-wise, I was fortunate. Watching my father struggle against an extremely aggressive form of prostate cancer was difficult. Being diagnosed with the same nasty strain at age 49, less than three years after the disease finally took him, was worse. But his ordeal had made me hyper vigilant about my own prostate health. My cancer was caught in its early stages. With the help of modern surgical techniques and a tenaciously caring wife I was back on my feet relatively fast. I’ve been cancer free for two years without the need for additional therapies. I’m the poster boy for early detection and treatment. I dodged the bullet. I’m lucky.

But the five months between the “out of range” PSA test results and the “looks like we got it all” post surgical pathology report were tension-filled at best. I craved information and someone to talk to. Again I was fortunate when a friend recommended the Urology-Oncology Department at the University of Michigan Medical Center. It was a godsend. When I called their cancer hotline, a person answered. When I wanted to talk to my oncologist, he would talk to me. My wife and I were presented with extraordinary amounts of education, support and counseling. Having those resources to draw on helped ease my fears and tensions. I will never forget it.

When I encountered LBBC as 5-hour ENERGY’s 2013 charity partner, and saw the raft of services they offer to newly diagnosed women, I was immediately reminded of the resources that were so important to me after my diagnosis. Raising money for science and research is fine. But raising money for urgently needed support, comfort and education is something I can get behind wholeheartedly.

Living Essentials, the company behind 5-hour ENERGY, is full of talented, motivated people. Together we developed a new flavor and committed a portion of each sale to LBBC. We are executing a robust marketing campaign that includes TV and radio advertising, PR, sports sponsorships, social media and more. Last year we raised over $380,000 for our breast cancer charity. This year we hope to raise even more for LBBC.

Kevin Gianotto and the whole staff at LBBC have made us feel like true partners. They are supporting us as we support them. Together, we’re supporting you. So when you see a commercial for Raspberry 5-hour ENERGY think about the hard working, dedicated people at LBBC and Living Essentials who put this program together. And one in particular who knows where you are right now. You’re in the right place.


Raspberry flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shots will be available in retail outlets across the country. For more information visit

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