A Plane In The Sky

A little poetry for your Monday! Courtesy of Suzin Glickman:

My Father was an Officer in the Air Force.

He was a  pilot.

He flew planes in the “Big One”, WWII

He is 96 and a cat with 9 lives.

I am his daughter.


I don’t really want to be a plane – literally,

But, in a poetic sense

If I were a plane

I would be…

(not want to be but would be now)


A War Bird,

As they were gloriously referred to in

“The Big One”


My engines are not firing on all fours

(Not in the sense I am mentally not with it, rather as a result of battle)

Low on fuel;

Flying on

Through this dark and stormy night

The plane, me, keeps flying

The odds building against it


Additional tactical problems arise

My sleek body is rattled with bullet holes;

Paint dull and chipping

Landing gear not functioning properly

Radio contact with tower spotty


Yet, me, the plane,

intends to accomplish it’s


See it through fruition



Tossed about


The pilot will not bail,

The plane and mission will not fail

Failure, a NASA expression,

Is not an option

This plane will not crash and burn in a Fiery wreck

It will land

With as much grace

As its war torn shell can muster

Beating all odds

Mission accomplished


Not its final mission

Whatever patching

And touch up that can be done

Will be seen to

It will prepare

As best it can

For its next dangerous mission


I want to be the plane

Which despite all expectations otherwise

Stays up in the sky

And keeps flying.

Suzin Glickman May 18, 2013


Suzin Glickman is a former Long Island girl, survivor, professor, lawyer, mother, wife and daughter who found writing and creative expression to be one of the most therapeutic and inspiring ways to cope and heal from her cancer diagnosis.  She is pleased to share some of her favorite original poems with the LBBC blog readers. You can find more of her poetry at SuzesMuses.blogspot.com.

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