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Annette Ramke, CHHC, is a certified health coach and breast cancer survivor. She took an integrative approach to treatment and focused on a whole food, plant-based diet. She coauthored (with Kendall Scott, CHHC), Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen: The Girlfriend’s Cookbook and Guide to Using Real Food to Fight Cancer, released October 2. Learn more at

Whether we are in the thick of Cancer World, or even just looking to boost our health, we can often feel a ridiculous amount of pressure to make radical changes to our diet in a short amount of time.

For some people this is fine – they have no problem morphing from, say, meat-and-potato gals to, say, green-juice lovers seemingly overnight. But, truth be told, this isn’t realistic for most of us. And, having ourselves been through the cancer crap – diagnosis, surgeries, chemotherapy, etc, etc. – Kendall and I know what that’s like, and we are all about keeping it real and honest. And for those working on survivorship or prevention – yeah, we get that, too! We’re both moms, wives, bring home the (tempeh) bacon, and try and do our best with that whole balancing act as well.

So it’s important not to get overwhelmed and disheartened when working on upgrading your diet. Most important is to hold the intention and goal of focusing on your health. And this can be best achieved by making changes in food and lifestyle, step-by-step, in ways that certainly may stretch your previously held boundaries but do not overload.

The cool thing is that by doing so, changes and adjustments tend to stick – and isn’t that what we want? – rather than becoming just another short-lived fad we followed for a while.

In Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen it was really important to us not to just throw a bunch of groovy nutrition information your way. We wanted to show you how we improved our diets and our lives, and felt better than ever before, by taking things one step at a time and discovering the amazing power of real food in the context of our real lives. We decided to map it all out, take our reader’s (aka new friend’s!) hand and join her on the same journey we were (and are) on of making a commitment to showing up for ourselves and our health and well-being.

Starting on your own health or healing path? Or in the thick of it and need a gentle nudge forward? Focus today on adding in one health-boosting element to your next meal, snack or activity. Time for dinner? Make sure to include some delicious veggies on your plate. Snack time? Replace the diet soda and donut with coconut water and some fresh fruit. Ready to veg out in front of the screen? Take a walk around the block instead or take a time out just to sit and focus on your breath for a few minutes.

Sound doable? Sound real? If so, let me know what you chose to do today!


3 thoughts on “Keeping It Real

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words — it’s certainly challenging trying to make changes when organic or healthier options are much more expensive than conventional products, plus other family members are somewhat resistant to changing their diets with me. Will have to keep trying and make those small steps & not be too “paranoid” about our food/water supply nor too hard on myself & others. We’re growing some of our own vegetables and I’ve been making vegan veggie/fruit smoothies for my own breakfasts as a start.

    • You’re very welcome, Yin! It sounds like you are doing great things to support yourself and your health! Taking small steps and not being too “paranoid” as you say (sometimes easier said than done!:) are great! And how awesome that you are growing some of your own veggies! That is really one of the best ways to know what you are putting into your body! As far as managing costs and hesitant family members – I hear you on those concerns! – and we share lots of helpful advice around these topics in our book, if you have a chance to check it out.
      Congrats again on being a strong advocate for your health and thanks for your response!

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    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble
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