“My mom had breast cancer.”


Drew and Courtney Daly and their boys

Courtney Daly was 37 years old when she was diagnosed with stage I invasive breast cancer, which manifested as two tumors in one breast.  In addition, she also learned that she had DCIS in both breasts. It is now one year since her diagnosis.  

Recently, her son Aidan completed a video project for school.  Let’s have him share his story in his own words. 

Hi, my name is Aidan. I made this video for a school project called “Think Care Act”.  For this project you choose a problem you care about and do something to help. Originally I wanted to raise money for LBBC, but then I decided to create a pamphlet and video for kids my age who might be scared if their moms have cancer. I wanted to help them know that there are other kids out there and people know how they feel.

This video tells the story of how my family and I got through my mom having breast cancer. My mom was diagnosed at age 37. She was one of the 10% of women diagnosed with breast cancer who are under age 40. It was really hard at first knowing my mom had breast cancer. But as we talked about the survivors we knew it got a whole lot easier. My parents were very reassuring and that made me feel better. Throughout the spring and summer, my mom had two surgeries, four chemo treatments, and tons of doctors appointments. She tried her best to come to my baseball games and other special events. She is an awesome-sauce mom!

I hope that this video helps many kids my age, and lots of families. If you are gong tough times right now I hope this video helps you.

14 thoughts on ““My mom had breast cancer.”

  1. Susan This is beautiful and Aidan so handsome and speaks so well.This will give hope to anyone watching this Video.
    Your daughter is beautiful with and without hair,but somehow she looks like someone I know who is Strong,Positive,Caring,Oh I could go on and on…..You know that person is you Susan as our very fortunate Support Group can attest to…….however to Aiden you are Nana and to Courtney you are Mom and to everyone whose life you touched you are just simply remarkable.
    Aiden Good Job! I know everyone in your Family is so proud of you and Courtney so happy you are doing well and thankyou for having your story told from the eyes and heart of your son,Aiden.God Bless You All.

  2. Susan, I am so glad you sent this email. I saw the phamplet at
    at our last Support Group meeting but seeing your grandson and
    his mom and how beautiful he expressed his feelings made my
    heart burst with affection. This was a great tribute to you and all
    our survivors. You and your daughter must be so proud of such
    a loving son. God bless the family.

  3. Susan, Aidan has done a wonderful thing by sharing his journey with you and your family so that other children can learn from Aidan’s story. I congratulate him, and I also congratulate you for staying strong and caring for yourself while caring for your family.
    My friend, Betty, send this to me and I am so happy she did. You and Aidan are an inspiration to all families struggling with cancer!

  4. Aidan, YOU ROCK! Can I have your autograph??? And your brother’s, too. And mom and dad’s. Because, after all, it is a family affair. Another survivor/thriver, suni

  5. Susan…you have to be so proud of this little guy! He is an inspiration to all – not just children but to everyone dealing with breast cancer. It was absolutely wonderful! But he has great genes. Thanks for sharing,

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful video. It makes me cry and smile at the same time. God bless the wisdom of 10 year old Aidan. I know his thoughts will be an inspiration to many. Can’t wait to pass it on.

  7. Aidan is awesome-sauce! I loved his video…my mom has TN breast cancer and I’m her 41 year old daughter and this video helped me!

  8. I was so very touched by this video. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I have a 13 year old son and although we talk about my cancer, I know that he hides his fears. I have Triple Negative breast cancer. Aiden is such a precious little boy and did a fantastic job on this video. I will have to share it with my son. May God bless your journey and give you all peace, and comfort that can only come from above.

  9. Aidan- My kids were 6 and 18 months when I too was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010. We had some tough times too and Boy! do I wish we had your video back in 2010! Thanks so much for making it- I have shared it with all my friends so they may pass it on to their loved ones who have a parent with cancer! Thanks buddy!

  10. Hi Aidan ~ What a wonderful project! One of the best things cancer survivors/patients and their families need to know is that they’re NOT alone. Your video will touch those who are scared and confused about how they can get through a loved one’s cancer journey. I’m a survivor diagnosed in 2005 when my son was less than 1-year old & again for a recurrence in 2008. I am so grateful for having family & friends be so supportive. Best wishes to you and your family!

  11. What a beautiful video! And a wonderful reminder how “everyone” is affected by breast cancer. So glad your boys were there to take care of you. I wish my little ones had seen this before my diagnosis and treatment. Be well and best to you all!

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