Anne Rocco: Poetic Expression

Anne Rocco is one of the creative women who participated in the spring 2012 Writing the Journey writer’s series.  She is pleased to share some of her favorite original poems with the  LBBC blog readers for our bi-monthly series, Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Writer’s Corner.


A shirt with ruffles

Bilateral self-defense

They can hide so much


How did I get here?

Such an odd journey to take

I’ll get used to it

The View

The horizon has started to brighten.

Menacing clouds have started to move on.

I watch the remains of a Nor’easter:

A few walkers face the cold wind head on,

a solitary person strolls the beach

seeking lost treasure left in the sand


Waves are mesmerizing to watch;

Relaxing, calming, peaceful, powerful.

The angry sea has reclaimed so much sand.

I watch the scene from my beach window seat.

The stars signal the end of a cold day.

The loud wind seems to have gone out to sea.

The moon casts its reflection on the surf.

Peace returns to the deserted boardwalk.

*Poetry by Anne Rocco

 Living Beyond Breast Cancer will host another Writing the Journey Series in the Fall. Check back to the LBBC Blog for more insights from Alysa Cummings and future Writing the Journey participant creations.

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