Aundreia Alexander: Nurturing Your Spirit

 On Tuesday, June 26th, Living Beyond Breast Cancer will host a community meeting where Rev. Aundreia Alexander will discuss “Nurturing Your Spirit.” Here at the LBBC Blog, Aundreia–an ordained minister, breast cancer survivor and  “Writing the Journey” participant–shares two poems of her own creation.

Light Overcomes Darkness

Light shines brightest against the backdrop of darkness.
Light shines through a crack, a speck; a flicker through a keyhole.

Light shines like the stars on the clearest night;

Light in the sky – a full moon in a dense forest.

Do What Comes Naturally

How beautiful is the light that breaks through the darkness!

I never learned to whistle a tune

So when I hear birds whistle, chirp and tweet, I envy them.

Then I think – how silly – they do what comes naturally.

So I embrace the chorus of whistles, chirps and tweets from my feathered friends.

And I dance – I swerve, I sway, I glide – in unison with the melodious sounds of beautiful music.

I do what comes naturally to me.

For more information of the June community meeting, Nurturing the Spirit, as well as future topics, visit the LBBC Events Page.

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