Alysa Cummings: Writing the Journey Series

Breast cancer survivors attending the May 8th session of Living Beyond Breast Cancer‘s Writing the Journey series, accepted a challenge to describe a lesson learned from the breast cancer experience using no more than ten syllables. Next, group facilitator and poetry therapist Alysa Cummings collected the ladies’ individual lines of writing and created an instant group poem.  Do you have another lesson to add?

Lessons from Cancer: An Instant Group Poem

Cancer is the toughest teacher around,

but the lessons learned are invaluable.

The challenge is to thrive within constraints.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – life’s little problems;

sand between your toes, dust on the table.

Live in the moment; it’s all that we have.

Look for many small everyday blessings.

Concentrate on all the good things in life.

(I’m challenged with cancer; I’m blessed with friends).

Help will come from unexpected places.

Fear tail’s on my butt, weighing me down low.

Cancer will not stop me dead in my tracks.

By Alysa, Anne, Carla, Helen, Judy, Lucille, Marcia, Michele, Susan

This inspiring and creative program is coming to a close; however, Living Beyond Breast Cancer plans to host another Writing Series in the Fall. Check back to the LBBC Blog for more insights from Alysa Cummings and future Writing the Journey creations.

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