Not My Mother’s Journey: Part 3 of a Multi-Series

Over the last few weeks,  Heather St. Aubin-Stout, has been sharing her story. Here is part three of her multi-series written just for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

To be honest, I am not a blogger. I’ve been told at several events that I should blog and tweet and I just can’t get comfortable with it. I’ve written several guest blogs in the past year and I always write several drafts before submitting them. I’m thinking this isn’t really what you’re supposed to do.

I guess by now you’ve figured out I’m a perfectionist. If you’ve read the past two blogs in this series you know a little about my breast cancer journey. (if not, please read them to catch up so I don’t repeat) When trying to finish this series I wanted to write about living beyond breast cancer, how it was a turning point in my life, led me down a new road. I had an epiphany while getting dressed this afternoon for the first job interview I’ve been on in over twenty years. I need to write about what breast cancer has taught me.

Breast cancer has taught me to be honest and genuine. It has helped me to be a kinder and more empathetic person. It has also shown me how nothing is perfect and while we don’t need to settle for something substandard, we can accept imperfections. Breast cancer has taught me to slow down, to breathe, to practice yoga, to be gentler with my body.

Above all breast cancer has taught me to persevere. It has taught me to be patient when trying something new. It has taught me that God has a plan, even if we don’t know what it is, your life will work out the way it is supposed to. Don’t give up, don’t stop looking for answers, and share what you’re going through.

When we share what we are going through it makes a difficult time less so, and a happy time one of celebration. In writing my memoir about my experience with cancer and how different it was than my mom’s I hope that I have written a story that moves the reader and makes them think about situations in their own lives, but most of all I hope it helps the reader through anything that they might be struggling with.

Heather is the author of Not My Mother’s Journey.  Her story continues next week.

One thought on “Not My Mother’s Journey: Part 3 of a Multi-Series

  1. I love that you stated Breast Cancer has taught you to persevere!! Yes!! To be patient!! Double Yes!! I feel the exact same way! Along my journey James 1:4 came to mind “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” Triple Yes!!! I love you!! Stay Strong:)

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