A Daughter’s Breast Cancer Journey; Through Her Mother’s Eyes: Part 3 of 3

This entry was written by Nancy Amorosi. Many of you may remember Jaime Rossano, one of the year-long series bloggers who, in a raw and honest tone, shared her breast cancer journey from diagnosis to post treatment in 2011. In this entry, her mother gives us her perspective of the journey. Over the year, she tried desperately to hide her true feelings of fear that consumed her heart facing the reality that she could never handle the idea of losing her baby girl.

This concludes the  three-week series A Daughter’s Breast Cancer Journey; Through Her Mother’s Eyes

Read Jaime’s blogs by searching “Jaime Rossano” in the search box on this site.

Although a year has gone by and the days are no longer filled with constant appointments and treatments the ongoing reconstruction of her physical being and the rebuilding of her self image continues. Looking back over this past year brings back so many emotions. It was with the help of some very special friends and family that gave me the positive energy and strength to be strong and hold it together when I thought I could not make it through another day. My daughter became my inspiration. No mother should have to worry about losing her child. But, the reality is that this monster called “cancer” has no boundaries. We have learned that LIFE IS A GIFT~

Jaime has taken this experience and has made it her life’s work to spread the word of self breast exam to college students, to support and encourage others diagnosed with cancer, to share her heart with blogging her experience with LBBC, and starting a very special project called Cancer’s Secret Angels which provides beautiful baskets of goodies to newly diagnosed patients and sharing her story of hope to all who will listen. As her mom I could not be more proud of the way she traveled this journey.

My daughter Jaime is my hero and I am honored and privileged to walk beside her today, tomorrow and always!

I love you Sweet Pea

Jamie & Nancy

12 thoughts on “A Daughter’s Breast Cancer Journey; Through Her Mother’s Eyes: Part 3 of 3

  1. Nancy, I so enjoyed reading this beautiful, amazing, insightful look at breast cancer from a loving mothers heartfelt recollection. You and Jaime are the 2 of the most remarkable women I know.
    Love you both 🙂

  2. Nancy and Jaimie, I love this post. I also had a Mom who really supported me through this time, and I am so grateful. Today, 4 years later, you’ve reminded me to thank her again.

  3. Dear Nancy..
    What a lovely picture of you and Jaime. Great to see you together.
    And yessss Jaime is your hero..
    and I quess Jaime said:
    My mom is my hero!!!..
    and I say YOU ARE BOTH MY HEROES!!!
    I’m so proud of you two.. you are both so strong
    You walk beside her…. and I will too…
    and you and Jaime will never walk alone.
    Sending you lots of love and strength

    Love walter & hanny /holland

  4. Thank you Hanny for being our guiding light through this dark journey. Having traveled this journey yourself you were able to provide us with so much insight and prepared us for each new day. We appreciate and love you so much. Thank you, you make my heart smile!

  5. How lucky she was to have her Mother by her side, I wish my Mother had been cognizant to have been by my side (I was 38). Unfortunately I was taking care of her with dementia & Alzheimers. But I came away from it an amazingly stronger soul 🙂 Blessed Be to you both~

  6. Beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes, i don’t know if i could of made it through breast cancer without my mom either! All i can say is that love, support, and positivity are the utmost important things through cancer and within our everyday lives! My mom took away alot of my worries and pain!

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