It wasn’t Breast Cancer Awareness Month just a year ago

This entry was written by Jaime Rossano. Jaime was diagnosed with 2B invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. Jaime is a college student pursuing a degree in Humanities and Social Science Every other Friday, Jaime will share a blog entry about her breast cancer experience. This year-long blog series is in honor of LBBC’s 20th anniversary.

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Well, I guess you can say “it’s October.” When October approaches, I find myself consumed with many worries and emotions. In the past, when October would come around I would think of how much I miss my grandmom and how her birthday was at the end of October. I would remember the times we had shared together. A few years ago I found a birthday card for her and just put it in a box.

This October seems to be a little different, although I miss my grandmother dearly, I have been thinking so much about this time last year. October 29, 2010 was when I found out I had breast cancer. This October, although I am currently cancer free, brings out many thoughts of how I actually made it this far.

Just a year ago, I was drowning in my own tears and was desperate for an answer of why this is happening to me. Just a year ago, I was sitting in my doctor’s office figuring out my plan of action for survival. Just a year ago, I was lost, confused and so scared of what challenges I was going to have to face. Just a year ago, I realized how much my family meant to me but I was always afraid to share “the news.” Just a year ago, I didn’t know where I was going to be in the future.

It’s funny, well not really funny, but I always doubted myself. I actually made it through my surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  I did it! I have had many struggles and challenges along the way and needless to say they are not over with yet but amazingly I got through it.

It’s hard now-a-days because I feel like I almost put in the back of my mind what I went through because life has returned to the normal “school, work, living-not-fighting anymore.”

 I know some people rather not use the word ‘fighting” cancer but for me, I was. I was fighting myself, I was fighting my body, I was fighting to make it through every day. I still feel like I am fighting because of all the little bumps in the road that I have had. I think I will always be fighting making sure this disease doesn’t come back to kill me. I have doctors’ appointments so regularly sometimes that I think they should give me an ez-pass to jump in line.

Fall conference: news you can use breast cancer updates for living well

“I was even fighting to make sure Ronnie could see his mommy.”

Not only does October have and important meaning to me but also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have to say I have my box of tissues ready for all the commercials about self-breast-examinations and screening. Some are sad, some are cheerful, some I will relate to because it’s what I went through.

I am also looking forward to the new move coming out 50/50. At first, I was not too thrilled that they actually made a movie about this awful disease. But then I realized that the humor reflected in the movie was the only way I got through some of my treatments. My mom reminded me of that one. 

A few months ago I contacted the office of Healthy Campus Initiatives at Rowan University to see if there was any way I would be able to share my story. I am so excited to share that my story is going to be featured in Rowan’s Student Health 101 on-line magazine for October and I will be speaking on October 11th at Rowan University during a breast cancer awareness luncheon.

Not only is October bringing back memories, but this October, I am making memories.

If you live in the Philadelphia region, make a memory by joining Living Beyond Breast Cancer as we kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting our annual fall conference, News You Can Use: Breast Cancer Updates for Living Well, tomorrow, Oct. 1st. Fee waivers are available at-the-door and walk-ins are welcomed.

5 thoughts on “It wasn’t Breast Cancer Awareness Month just a year ago

  1. Jaime you are going to touch so many lives with all of the positive things you have made happen beacuse of this god aweful disease!! You are going to touch so many lives and save so many loves with your story!! keep enjoyoing every minute of your beautiful life beacuse you survived your fight with breast cancer!! That is something to be celebrated!! I love ya lots and I am so thankful this disease brough the two pairs of shoes back together!!!.
    Love ya lots,
    Your BFF,

  2. I was touched by breast cancer 25 years ago thru my mother. she is now a survivor 25 years. She will celebrate her 75th birthday this month and 25 years cancer free. We Are Blessed!

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