Getting back to the old me

This entry was written by Jaime Rossano. Jaime was diagnosed with 2B invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. Jaime is a college student pursuing a degree in Humanities and Social Science Every other Friday, Jaime will share a blog entry about her breast cancer experience. This year-long blog series is in honor of LBBC’s 20th anniversary.

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Great news! My boobies will be getting fixed in December.

I am still waiting to schedule it but I got the “okay” from my plastic surgeon. I was so excited to hear the news but I was also nervous. The surgeon gave me several options for my surgery and I felt like this was the first time in the past 9 months that I actually had a choice on what I want to have done.

The scary part is I think I’m going to make the wrong decision. Since my treatment plan was designed for me I felt a bit at ease with what the professionals thought was best for me. But now, it’s time for me to make a decision. How do I know I am making the right one?  

In 2005 I had breast augmentation surgery to make my little A cups a full C. I had my bi-lateral mastectomy and lucky for me the doctor had a steady hand and he was able to save my implants.  It was great he was able to save them but one is flipped sideways and is just a mess and the other one settled so low that it’s almost to my stomach.

I was given the option of having expanders put in and then going through and having reconstructive surgery. I was given the option to use my abdominal fat and re-routine veins and arteries. I was offered the option of using part of my back muscle to bring to the front and insert a new implant and a lift with implant replacement on the right. So many options!

What I do know is that whatever I choose, the results can only be better than what I have now. I just feel like so much time has already gone by and I am so excited to get this part done and over with. I want to wear sexy bras and shirts again!

Despite all the options and choices I have tugging along, I have finally returned to work. It has been great. I really love my job and being out in public. I finally took my bandana off and I am working my new spiky/curly do. I work three half-days a week and boy, does it really wipe me out! It’s amazing how tired you are after just a few hours. I am listening to my body. When my body has had enough I need to take a break. I have become so in tune with my body that I know when things just aren’t right or when sometime feels wrong. Now I know the true meaning of having a gut feeling.

Speaking of “gut feelings,” I have been having really bad stomach issues lately and have not been feeling at 100%. I saw my gastroenterologist and he suggested I go in for a colonoscopy to check things out. According to him, I may have developed colitis from all the chemo and medications I have been on.

One problem down and yet again, another one has started…but I guess I’d rather have stomach pains than breast cancer.

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3 thoughts on “Getting back to the old me

  1. Jaime, there are no wrong decisions here. You have to make the decisions that are right for you with the guidance of your doctor. I have found that my doctor has not steered me wrong. Trust your knowledge of what you learned this far as to what to do in the future and have faith in your medical providers. I have found that my docs do for me what they believe are right for me. They have been wonderfully supportive of me. I am three years out from my invasive ductal carcinoma diagnosis. Just this week there was a question about my meds because I have a trace cataract starting. I went to a great retina specialist who took his time with me and said listen as far as your meds, cataract, easily fixable v. breast cancer recurrence. Made it pretty clear to me that I need to stay on my Armidex. Good luck with your surgery. I know it will go well.

  2. Jamie,I will keep you in my prayers.I just had reconstruction on the 29th of September,and it’s been a journey!I’ve experienced some of the same issues I faced while being treated for breast cancer.I’ve been so emotinal!I had expanders placed in both breasts.I had a simple masectomy to my remaining right breast.And,they had to take muscle and tissue from my back to reconstruct a breast on the left side where I had a masectomy in 2010.I believed when I had the left masectomy in Jan.2010,I felt I could be comfortable with the way breast cancer left me.But,it became increasingly apparent,that there were times I didn’t have the strength to look at what had become of my body post cancer.It’s been a struggle,and I’m headed into week 3 post surgery.But,it’s going to be worth it!I needed to look,and feel whole again!Whatever you decide it’s just one step closer to putting this all behind!I wish you the best in whatever choice you make!

  3. Ladies, I have trouble understanding that people may not want reconstruction, but I think my reconstruction is what has carried me through my journey. I to had a very emotional journey–going from being in shock with the diagnois, to being petrified, to relieved once I knew that everything was going to be okay. I had immediate tram reconstruction, this is where the surgeon (I had an excellent surgeon, one who I regard as the best) took from my stomach to remake my breasts and then he tucked my tummy. This was done at the time of the mastectomy. I had a very great outcome. He did a nipple and areaola reconstruction. You can’t tell by looking at me that I had any of this done. All of the scars are tucked underneath where they can’t be seen. I still have some emotional scars though. I think it takes a long time to get back to your normal self. I am three years out and still think and talk about these issues, but it is getting much better for me. Good luck to you guys on your future journies. There are choices out there; please do your research on what one is best for you.

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