Traveling: A simple pleasure

This entry was written by Sarita Jordan, an LBBC Helpline volunteer:

Since I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2005, I have thankfully recovered. But I credit my recovery to my rejuvenated approach to living beyond my diagnosis. 

I recently decided to take a different approach to maintaining my health that has an active role in the management of this disease. I have altered my habits. I have even entered a “biggest loser” makeover contest at my local fitness center. I am eating more fruits and vegetables and have cut a lot of sugar from my diet. I have incorporated an exercise regime as part of my daily routine. I am losing weight, trimming my waist and thighs and feeling energized!

Don’t get me wrong, I still have to see doctors regularly and deal with some minor health issues.  But, I can do so, armed with knowledge that I have chosen to take an active role in my ongoing recovery. To me, taking an active role in my ongoing recovery is a perfect example of LBBC’s mission – to empower women to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. 

Because I remain active as a volunteer at LBBC and attend various LBBC conferences and workshops, I have become full of enthusiasm about dealing with a disease such as breast cancer. I have friends that are like sisters to me that I have met in this journey. These connections give me the opportunity to travel from time to time because I have formed friendships with women from various states: Arkansas, Texas, Maryland, Utah, to name a few.

Recently, I took a mini vacation to Orlando, Florida. I was invited to attend the Era of Hope Conference with a friend who is living with metastatic breast cancer. The Era of Hope Conference is a meeting for advocates to attend to hear the results of studies sponsored by the Department of Defense. My friend was a participant in such studies. Not only was the conference educational, informative and enlightening, I came to the realization that being able to just live in the moment is, by far, the best lesson that the many workshops highlighted.

Besides the meetings, I was able walk the beautiful premises at the Orlando World Center Marriott, smell fresh air, see beautiful flowers and landscaping, feel the HOT sun, swim, slide down a waterslide, eat ice cream, and I could go on and on.  Traveling with friends and spending time with my children is a number one priority in my life.

Next destination?  C4YW in New Orleans, Louisiana in February 2012.

I have learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, today, because tomorrow may never come.   Try it. I think you would like it too!

Sarita admits that she enjoys living a life filled with healthy eating and exercise! Are you looking for a new start to living beyond your breast cancer diagnosis that involves better managing your health with nutritious foods and physical activity? On Sept. 15, please consider joining LBBC for our Inspiring Wellness program, a workshop designed for African-American women who are interested in learning more about healthy living.

5 thoughts on “Traveling: A simple pleasure

  1. Great story Sarita. I too try to focus on health and wellness. I would love to communicate with you long term to swap ideas to help us live to 100 ! Please contact me if you are up to sharing this successful, thriving, wellness journey with me.

    • Hello Cherell,
      glad to see that you are also takin control of your health.
      I feel staying active is a key to living.
      I hope that you keep at your health and wellness goals. I am confident that you will enjoy the results!

  2. Sarita it was a pleasure to read your blog. I am now working on making changes in my diet. Eating healthy and exercise is very important. My goal is to lose ten pounds and with you sharing I am sure I will do it.

    After breast cancer life is all about enjoy the moments. giving and receiving love and lots of laughter. I can relate to meeting wonderful ladies during my journey.

    May you continued to be blessed with the best life ever.

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