From Pen to Paper

Join Anita for LBBC’s first Writing Series!

Anita Peterkin, who signed up for LBBC’s Fall Writing Series: Writing the Journey, shares a poem that highlights why she decided to participate in the 6-week program that will be facilitated by Alysa Cummings, breast cancer suvivor and Certified Poetry Therapist.

From pen to paper

Transferring my thoughts

Of emotions and feelings    

Which were captured and caught


Adjectives, phrases, verbs and nouns

Between pen and paper is where it was found


My life, my journey of the ultimate change

Complicated days and nights all so strange


From diagnosis to treatment of such a disease

The power of writing has kept my mind at ease


Allowing disposal of what was held so deeply within

Releasing powerful energy to let a healing begin


When feeling that no one else could possibly understand

I turned to my pen and paper at hand


When denial and uncertainty became uncommonly clear

Journaling my thoughts helped to conquer most fears


As therapeutic and engaging that my writing has been

It has allowed me to observe this journey as the beginning, not an end


Most has been written for me and only by me to be read

But if other eyes shall see, they’ll read what was said


From pen to paper 

I have transferred my thoughts


Each day awaits the emotions and feelings

That will be profound and beautifully caught

Sign up for Writing the Journey, a writing series for women affected by breast cancer at all stages of diagnosis and recovery today! A one-time fee of $25 will be acessed to your credit card. The first session starts on September 22nd at the Cherry Hill Library in Cherry Hill, NJ. The last day to register is September 10th.

3 thoughts on “From Pen to Paper

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  2. This too is very Healing(like prev-one) daily I lift up the PRAISE to our Lord,,but these earthly Angels–share so much,too..
    Hugs,,Peg B

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