Meant to be friends

It was a year ago that our corporate sponsor, White House | Black Market, partnered with us for a call-out to honor and highlight 25 inspiring women who are living beyond breast cancer. All 25 women were dolled up for an expense-paid photo shoot and then featured in White House | Black Market’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month catalog.

Wonder how the experience changed the women over the last year? Let’s hear Denise McCrossin’s story:

It wasn’t until 13 years after my diagnosis that I learned of LBBC.  A friend and a cancer survivor gave me Marisa Weiss’ book. I got through the treatments and side effects. I moved on to volunteer, taking time to talk to other women undergoing the challenges of breast cancer.  I found it very rewarding and comforting and I had an opportunity to meet so many amazing women!

Fast forward…

I got an email from LBBC regarding the photo shoot for White House | Black Market.  I read it, thought about it, and saved it in my incoming emails.  Then on the day before it was due, I remembered and thought – Oh, why not?!  I had my daughter take a quick picture and I wrote a paragraph or two and send it off.     

I was floored when they called and told me I was chosen to do the photo shoot in NY! White House | Black Market called and told me to come to my local WHBM store to pick out an outfit to wear on The Early Show. The ladies who worked at WHBM were so nice and excited to help me pick out just the right outfit.  It was such a fun experience.

My husband and I took the train to NY and went to MILK STUDIOS for an experience of a lifetime!  Everyone involved was so nice to us.  They made me – and I’m sure all the other survivors – feel like QUEEN FOR A DAY!  We had hair and makeup done, outfits picked out and many, many photos taken.   After that each one of us was interviewed and we all shared intimate stories about how our breast cancer diagnosis transformed our lives.   Each survivor’s story was unique even though we all had a common bond.  After reading the other stories of the women who participated in the shoot, it was proven once again that women are so strong!

This experience makes me feel like it was meant to be for all of us to be friends. We all became friends on Facebook, of course. I walked down the steps of the Art Museum on Mother’s Day with many other breast cancer survivors, including Debi, another woman I met and connected with on the photo shoot.

This whole experience has changed my life.  First of all, it was an exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience to be a part of the ad campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Self and Elle magazines.  It was wild to see my face and the faces of all the other women who took part of this fabulous event displayed in the windows of the WHBM stores nationwide! 

What a wonderful opportunity this has been.  We are now all connected forever – the survivors, Donna Noce (WHBM’s brand president) the wonderful people who work at LBBC, and the rest of the staff at the WHBM stores.   We are all “sisters” now and that bond will never be broken.

I will be forever grateful to have been given this unique opportunity to be involved with LBBC and WHBM.   Both organizations are truly an inspiration to me and I am so thankful to have been chosen as one of the 25 butterflies.

To hear more about Denise’s personal journey with breast cancer, visit our website for her short video.

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