Everything feels better when surrounded by beauty

It was a year ago that our corporate sponsor, White House | Black Market, partnered with us for a call-out to honor and highlight 25 inspiring women who are living beyond breast cancer. All 25 women were dolled up for an expense-paid photo shoot and then featured in White House | Black Market’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month catalog.

Wonder how the experience changed the women over the last year? Let’s hear Lisa Goldman’s story:

About two years ago I attended LBBC’s Annual Conference for Women Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer in Pennsylvania. I wanted to learn about metastatic disease as compared to early stage breast cancer, which was what I was familiar with.  I also was motivated to attend because I really wanted to hear what Elizabeth Edwards would say, as she was a guest speaker at the event. She was amazing. 

After the conference, I remained on LBBC’s email list and somehow I learned about the contest. Twenty-five women would be selected by LBBC’s corporate sponsor, White House | Black Market.  I had never heard of WHBM before but it sounded like a really exciting partnership.  Luckily I had a photo that was on my computer and I was able to upload it and submit it with a short bio of my experience with breast cancer. 

When I got the word that I was chosen I was really happy. I’ve always acknowledged that I look better with some expert assistance, whether it is hair, makeup, or clothes. However, I am amazed at the magic of the professionals who made me look even more glamorous. I looked good, in fact, I looked even better than before! After having gone through my medical ordeal, the whole idea and reality of looking and feeling beautiful was consolation for me. Everything feels better when surrounded by beauty, whether it is a beautiful environment such as a flowery garden, or a simply a woman looking her best.  To be uplifted in this way was the perfect medicine to thrust me past my initial ordeal and move me forward in regaining my normal life.

Friends and family were thrilled and very excited for me.  People tell me I am beautiful but sometimes societal pressures make me think otherwise. However, being in the pages of Elle and Self magazines was even more confirmation that, although I don’t look like the supermodels and the celebrities that grace the pages of these high-fashion magazines, I am still beautiful. Behind my beauty, there is a story of survival.  While the October catalog was in stores and people’s homes I felt so privileged to walk into any WHBM store knowing I was in their catalog. I have become such a fan of their clothes! 

Over the past year, I have often showed people the photo montage of me with the other 24 gals.  I suspect I will be doing this for a long time to come.  This experience will always hold a special place in my heart and psyche.  Change and survivorship does not always come easy but the LBBC/WHBM partnership that honored me and the 24 other ladies sure make the idea doable.

To hear more about Lisa’s personal journey with breast cancer, visit our website for her short video.

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