Real-life lessons learned during baseball season

This entry was written by Colleen Kryka, a member of LBBC’s Board of Directors:

We are in “full swing” with baseball season.  This is particularly special for me as I am now on my second season being cancer-free.  The local little league has really become my second family and all of the “baseball moms” were my biggest supporters throughout my journey.  I have learned so much from the snack bar and watching t-ball through the nail-biting majors.  First, be patient. Watching 6-year-old boys playing t-ball can be the longest 2 hours of your life if you are watching the clock, but once you stop waiting for it to be over you can experience some of the greatest moments of yours and your child’s life.

I realized the lessons of life through baseball last year.  My oldest son, Shane, was 12 and I was the bald mom in the snack bar.  Most of the families knew me so my story didn’t need to be re-told, thankfully.  So there I am chatting with my mom-buddies and I got the usual nudge “Shane’s up” aka “shut-up and pay attention.”  Well he wacked it – home run! Not to brag, but heck I will, that wasn’t uncommon for Shane. After watching that homerun, I started to sob.  It had been 9 months since I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and it hit me like a ton of bricks…I might have missed that home run.  I was fortunate, blessed, lucky, shocked…you name it.

That’s when the real healing started.  I had been a good little cancer patient marching through surgery, chemo and now, I was almost done with radiation. But even though the cancer was gone somehow my eyes were closed and a smile was plastered on my face for 9 months.  So I reached out again to LBBC.  I started listening to the “you’re not crazy to feel this way” (ok paraphrased) teleconferencesSlowly I began to realize this “new me” was part of a new life.  The old me wasn’t coming back. There was an end to the project and a nice pat on the back. The “good job” was being alive and I better figure out how to remember that every day.

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Colleen shares a family moment with her two sons and her husband.

Tell us about your children’s milestones and how they helped you to view your breast cancer recovery in another light! Comment here or on our Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Real-life lessons learned during baseball season

  1. Col – your story is amazing and uplifting. You are one sock ito me
    DYNAMITE LADY! See you on the STEPS!!!

    Love your Forever 25 Team Member & WHBM sister
    Lisa Marsella

  2. Oh, Colleen – I definitely had a moment like this myself. It was a little show that my daughter was in at school. There is still much more life to be lived, isn’t there?!

  3. This so beautifully captures one of the many significant transitions my own clients speak about. What gift having the awareness to notice the shift that was occurring…and that you had a great support system and the resource of LBBC. We all need support and new tools when facing a major transition. What is so awesome is you write of yours in a way that feels like a transformation. Your courage and story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.

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