LBBC’s conferences taught me how to enhance my quality of life

This entry was written by Sue Peracchia. Since Sue was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she’s been attending LBBC’s Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer. A strong part of LBBC’s mission is to empower women to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. Sue is very excited about her upcoming trip to the Caribbean – a trip that will help her advance her quality of life.

I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in January 2009. Since then, I haven’t missed any conferences offered by Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer: Enhancing Your Health and Quality of Life  is especially important to me. But this year I will not be in attendance. Instead, I will be cruising the sea of the Caribbean!

This cruise has been planned since August 2010. I knew the conference would be held during the time of my cruise and I’m disappointed I won’t be in attendance. However, attending LBBC’s conferences for women living with advanced breast cancer has given me a new perspective on “it” living with me. This new perspective has also made me realize that I do not want to miss out on the enjoyable moments of life, particularly this cruise.

Attendance at the conference has introduced me to new friendships with other “metsers,” educated me with valuable information on living with and beyond breast cancer, and opened a new door on life.

I’ve been fortunate to have a valued friend attend these conferences with me. I truly believe that it is important to have a supportive person in my life as I explore this journey. My friend, Connie, accompanies me to these conferences and any community meetings offered by LBBC. She is my second pair of ears to pick up on info I may have missed.

Connie understood my anxiety as we both attended our first LBBC conference. After that first conference, we both came out feeling empowered. She vowed that she would accompany me to future conferences and meetings, and she has kept her promise.

Connie was with me every step of the way throughout both 2-day conferences. Our time there involved attending workshops and meeting with women of varying ages, races and backgrounds. We all had one thing common – metastatic breast cancer. We shared our stories, laughed and cried.

Ever since I was introduced to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, I look at life in a new light. I have grabbed the bull by the horns and live each day to the fullest in a positive way. My quality of life has improved dramatically thanks to these conferences. I am traveling more. I’ve even got over my fear of flying! If I can live with advanced breast cancer than I can do anything!

Even though I won’t be in attendance this year, I will have access to LBBC’s website, which will allow me to read the transcripts and listen to the audio of each day’s events. I strongly urge all women living with metastatic breast cancer to attend this conference. You will be amazed at the love, hope, courage, strength and faith shared by all.

Although I won’t have an opportunity to meet you, I’ll drink a toast to all while watching the sunset over the blue Caribbean waters! I am thankful to LBBC for creating this conference because it instilled, in me, hope and strength that allowed me to experience a dream vacation.


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Sue will be thinking of all of you as she cruises the Caribbean sea!


Quality of life is a huge component of recovery! At the Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, not only will you learn more about up-to-date research information, but you will also learn about ways that will help you enhance your quality of life. Register today. Fee waivers are still available.

3 thoughts on “LBBC’s conferences taught me how to enhance my quality of life

  1. Hi Sue
    We met at the conference in Novemeber; I was hoping to see you again at this conference. But you will be sailing the seas, have a great time, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    Lisa Marsella

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