New season – new age – new wish

This entry was written by Jackie Roth, PhD student at Thomas Jefferson University. Jackie was diagnosed with Stage III A breast cancer at the age of 28. Every other Friday, throughout the entire year of 2011, Jackie will share a blog entry about her breast cancer experience. This year-long blog series is in honor of LBBC’s 20th anniversary.

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With all of the cold weather lately I’ve been thinking about Spring a lot!  Spring brings warm weather, sunshine, flowers, and…my birthday!  This past week I celebrated my birthday on the second day of spring. 

To celebrate, my family and I went out to brunch.  We had a great time and delicious food!  After the meal I noticed my mother-in-law sneak away out of the corner of my eye and talk to our waiter.  So I knew something was coming!  Not too long after, a brownie arrived with not a candle, but a sparkler to wish on!  I had a longer time to make a wish because my sparkler would last much longer than the “Happy Birthday song.” The sparkler is nothing compared to the candles that you blow out at the end of the song!  So my family and I watched my sparkler fizz away and I made my one big wish 🙂

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Jackie celebrates her 29th birthday with family and close friends – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACKIE & MANY MORE!

This birthday has turned out to be pretty unique because it represents both a first and a last for me…my last birthday in my 20s and my first birthday as a cancer survivor.  This made me really take notice of the new commercials for the American Cancer Society this spring.  They have celebrities, such as Celine Dion and Ricky Martin, singing “Happy Birthday.”  I know that they are singing to the millions of survivors out there, but I never thought that they would be singing to me at 29.

Right now in my life, I am not thinking like the typical 29-year-old.  I do not wonder where the latest trendy restaurant is, or the new hot spot for going out at night.  I am not concerned about summer vacations, weddings, or starting a family.  I spend my days running in and out of various doctor appointments and the pharmacy just hoping that I can make it everywhere on time.  The top three numbers on my speed dial right now are medical oncology, radiation oncology, and plastic surgery.  I get up at 6 a.m., and I am in bed just after 9 p.m., definitely not the typical hours of someone in their late 20s!  At times, this can make it a little difficult to connect with people my age. 

But I know that 29 will most certainly be better than 28, the year in which I was diagnosed.  I have no doubts that I will eventually return to the mindset of my late 20s, even if it happens while I am in my 30s!  I have almost completed my treatments, with just radiation and reconstruction left to go, and I am really beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel…just in time for spring. 

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, how do you feel every time you celebrate a birthday? What do you wish for just before you blow out the candles on your birthday cake? Comment here or on our Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “New season – new age – new wish

  1. I am the ‘sneaky’ mother-in-law who only smiled at the enjoyment and celebration on Jackie’s face during this entire brunch. It is with heartfelt thankfulness that Jackie has pulled through this ordeal. And I’m already plotting how to be extra sneaky for the big 30! Love you Jackie!

  2. we are so glad to hear you are doing sowell now on with the healing hope you just keep getting better & better LOVE TO YOU & RONNIE

  3. Hi, Jackie wishing you a Happy belated b-day and many more, but just like you I too recently diagnosed with BC at age 39 just had first chemo of 6 on Mar.31 is saying to myself I’ll be celebrating my big 40 in July and thinking this wasn’t what I was considering for my 40th b-day but as it would, looks like I’ll be on my next to last chemo treatment and grateful I made it thru so once again Happy Birthday!!!! and God Bless You because you are a survivor!!!!

  4. Hey JQ,
    My first post. I promise I will not get too mushy, but I just am so proud of you for taking this illness “head on”. You had no choice, I couldn’t trade my health with you, God said no to both you and your Mother for that. You did your homework and you placed your trust in people who you knew you could trust. I remember so many of your birthdays but this last B day is jocking for first place. Just having you here and on the road to recovery is such a great gift that you have given back to all of us who really Love you. Thanks for staying so strong so often. Love dad

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