The power of a hug

This entry was written by Jaime Rossano. Jaime, an instructor at a play and music facility, is alsocollege student pursuing a degree in Humanities and Social Science Every other Friday, Jaime will share a blog entry about her breast cancer experience. This year-long blog series is in honor of LBBC’s 20th anniversary.

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How do you define a hug? It can be a pat on the back, a one-arm hug, a tight embrace; it can be from friends, family or even strangers. Hugs are a way of saying hello, I care, I support you, it will be okay. Sometimes you just feel the need to hug someone. Sometimes you just need a hug. I never understood the power of a hug. The extra squeeze just makes the world stop for a minute. You feel great. How does a hug make you feel?

 Last Friday I experienced hugs of a lifetime. I felt so empowered, so special, and so loved. I embraced others for support. My hometown local PBA 267 took on the task of hosting my beef and beer. They did such an amazing job. There were over 90 baskets, 25 door prizes and 3 bigger items for auction. They were all donated from local businesses, friends, family and strangers.

Although Ronnie was the life of the party (showing off his dance moves), I was guest of honor. I had no idea of the amount of support that I have. The hugs were warm, welcoming and above all, I felt secure. The hugs weren’t just an arm around my neck. They were squeezes! The person did not let go until they were ready.  Some hugs made me cry. I let out whatever I felt at the moment, whether they were happy tears or sad tears – that would be when I hug my mom, or my best friend, Jenn. I cry every time I truly squeeze them so to avoid my teary mess, I do the gentle one-arm hug. I was hugged by old high school friends who I haven’t seen in over 10 years. There were hugs from someone special that I just fit so perfectly in their arms like a big teddy bear. It took all my worries away. There were hugs from strangers — who now are my friends. I can’t forget about the hugs from friends and family. I felt like a superstar. I felt amazing.  

Then the hug of a lifetime…

My family came up with an idea to play a song while they all stood around me. Holding me as tight as they could, the DJ played Rascal Flatts’ I Won’t Let Go. Make sure you have a tissue ready. This song is a tear-jerker.

At first, only my family circled around me. All of them were singing the song. After what seemed like forever, my mom whispered “ look up.” My head was buried in Ronnie’s shoulder. When I looked up, I saw the faces of not just my family, but all my supporters from the benefit. Everyone was out of their seats singing and making this huge circle of love around me. I never in my life felt so much energy and power.

lbbc, living beyond breast cancer, 20th anniversary

Now I know the power of a hug.



4 thoughts on “The power of a hug

  1. How do I define a hug? It is love and I am truley in love with the friendship that we have!! I am in love with the fight that you have to be a survivor!! I am in love with the way you take care of your beautuful son Ronnie!! I love you and everything about you!! Sometime a hug from you can erase all of the worries I have in life and stop me in that one moment to say oh wow I really do truely know love!! When I hug my kids and my husband I always knew I loved them but when I hug you it’s the same love that I have for them. I am thankful that we were able to come togehter again and have that bond that we had so many years ago!! You deserve all of the wonderful and beautiful things that are coming your way! Your an inspiration to women that meet you and I learned that first hand by talking to the women that were at your benifit to support you!! Keep on being you cause that truely is amazing!! Love you girl! Know on monday whe you start that nasty thing called chemo again that it is nasty but it is what is going ti keep you fighting and keep you with us for millions of more hugs. Cause only someone who has hugged you knows you give the best ones!!

  2. Dear Jaime ~
    I too have triple negative breast cancer – stage IV. I am doing great! It is under control right now and I am truly blessed. On the way home from work a few weeks ago I heard the song ‘I Won’t Let Go”. I started to cry and immediately thought of my sister who has been my rock throughout my journey. We bought the CD and it is our theme song…
    Hugs are priceless – and so are we.
    Take care – life is good.

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