Forward Motion

This entry was written by Michael J. Formica, MS MA EdM, Editor and Project Coordinator for LBBC who, as a mental health and education professional with more than 25 years of experience, also blogs regularly at Psychology Today.

During the month of January and in honor of LBBC’s 20th anniversary, Michael has committed to writing follow-up blogs reflecting the emotional appeal of the blog published the day prior. In this blog, Michael explores the concept of forward motion suggested in Debra Strauss’ Looking forward.

living beyond breast cancer, 20th annivesaryWhen we look at the Chinese symbol that most of us recognize as Yin/Yang, we see two sides – light/dark, male/female, hard/soft, harmony/strife and so on. If we look a bit more closely, we see that inside each part is a little bit of the other. This reminds us that our experience is never just one thing – it’s an integration and balance of opposites that make up a whole thing, and all the parts have to be there all the time. It’s sort of a dance.

We can’t have light without dark, or male without female, or hard without soft, or harmony without strife. Just so, inside light there’s a little dark, inside dark there’s a little light, and so on. It’s the integrated relationship of these opposites — and how we navigate those relationships — that defines our experience and makes up the fabric of our lives.

This balance that the Yin/Yang represents doesn’t just sit there, either – it’s in constant motion, just like us. Each part of our picture creates the other in a perpetual dance of integrated opposites, and we live in the ebb and flow of that dance. As we encounter strife, we can strive toward harmony; as we encounter hard, we can move toward soft; when harmony becomes complacency, we can shake it up; when soft no longer works, we can assert ourselves.

The important thing for each of us is to keep moving and avoid getting stuck; to find the rhythms of our experience and celebrate each moment, just as we set our intention for the next moment. We are the co-creators of our lives and, while life might be a dance, we are the ones conducting the orchestra.

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