2010 reflections — 2011 expectations

This entry was written by Linda Oken, LBBC volunteer and regular LBBC blog writer:

Like many of you, I am reflecting on the past year of 2010.  There were highs and lows.  Of course I would prefer to focus on the pleasant memories, but the unhappy times break though my thoughts all too often.

There were lots of good news for me on the health front.  I had no hospitalizations all year!  My medical tests were within normal ranges!  Two of my cancer doctors discharged me and said, “call me if you need me, but you do not need to schedule any more appointments.  Go forth and have a good life!”  On the other hand, I’ll be with my oncologist for a few more years of routine follow up.  I choose to see that as a good thing:  someone I trust is keeping an eye on me going into the future.

During the year I worked on a variety of projects in my role as a volunteer at LBBC.  That gives me tremendous satisfaction, and I always love working with the terrific staff and other volunteers. What a great resource we all have there.

A highlight of the year was a vacation I had been planning for several years.  In the past, each time we made arrangements the trip got postponed because of health interruptions.  Ugh!  But last May we finally pulled if off:  my husband and I rented an apartment in Paris for several weeks.  We had family come to stay with us and enjoy the “City of Lights.”  I was thrilled to share the experience with people we love.

Speaking of those we love, other major highlights of my year were the times I enjoyed visits with my 4 grandchildren.  They are the future.  And what a delight they are, now ages 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Each of them is different in his and her own way, and I delight in their interests and enthusiasms. We were all together at Thanksgiving and took note of how much we have to be thankful for.

lbbc 20th anniversary, lbbc volunteer

Linda enjoys quality time with her grandchildren.

Yes, please observe a theme of appreciation of family among my highlights of 2010.  Where would we be without the love, care and support of those near and dear to us?  Of course we include friends old and new.  “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” —  this was the message on a card I once received from a group of friends.  I am blessed to have many warm and caring people in my life, related to me by blood and by friendship.

December brought me some unhappy times, including a tangle with a bus that put my car in the body shop for several days.  Don’t you hate it when things like that happen?  But I remind myself, “it’s not cancer.”  But the bumpy course of life has other downs besides health problems.  The lousy times are supposed to make us appreciate the good times.  I wouldn’t mind doing without them; how about you?

Now, as we face a new year, let us dwell instead on the joy we want to increase, the people we want to spend more time with, the activities that bring reward and fulfillment, and the simple pleasures of each day.  If you look for them, you will surely find them.  They are abundant in our lives.

What are your expectations for this year? Challenge yourself this year and be sure to make long-term goals that influence your quality of life. Can you do it? Comment here or on our Facebook page! 

5 thoughts on “2010 reflections — 2011 expectations

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  2. From one Linda to another……Wonderful! I have been told the same….”Go forth and have a good life!” After my “all clear” I was confused as to what was to come next…my life had been consumed with all the appointments, trips, worries, tests that came after my diagnosis. Then one day…it was over. Would it come back? Did they really get it all? Little fears would trickle in and pool in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t allow the fear of what might happen to weigh me down, so I decided to embrace the simple joys of each day and celebrate….I am still here!!!!
    I am a survivor on a joy-filled journey! I don’t have any idea what tomorrow may bring, but I do my best to not miss a moment of joy. I delight in the precious faces of my grand-daughters, embrace the folks I love and do my best to reach out and share in all the blessings that have come my way! Times can be tough, things will still happen to sadden me, temporarily set me back, but the decision is mine…..Do I wallow in it?….. or do I once again be grateful for one more day and seize the opportunity to embrace joy! I choose joy!
    As I look out my window today, the snow is falling and the news is blaring about traffic snarls, closings and the mess the snow is causing. I think I will turn off the TV, go sit in my favorite chair, get a hot cup of tea and watch the snow fall….enjoy the moment and take in the beautiful site.
    Where ever you happen to be today, at work, at home, sitting in traffic……, I hope your day is filled with many wonderful moments of simple joy and peace! 2011 is just the beginning!

    • Hi Linda Toft,
      Thanks for your lovely response to my blog. We Lindas will rally together to keep the good stuff in our lives.
      Linda Oken

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