Make-up tips this holiday season

This entry was written by Carolyn Diamond, a make-up artist who created a line of skincare products that help to maintain the skin’s beautiful and healthy glow, even while undergoing treatment:

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Carolyn Diamond is using her professional make-up skills and her dedication to reach women affected by breast cancer.

Hello ladies…it’s Carolyn Diamond…make-up artist to the stars! It’s time to discuss how we can look and feel our best for the Holidays. I was diagnosed with breast cancer three times and it seems that every time I was diagnosed with breast cancer that it was around the holiday season. 

So, what is a woman to do when she wants to look and feel her best at this very festive time of year? At 54 years old and having dealt with cancer several times, I have created a skin care regimen that will be sure to brighten not only your skin, but your spirits as well.  

The most important thing we need to remember when applying make-up for any occasion is that the skin must first be flawless. Even though that may not be 100% possible while going through breast cancer treatment, there are still many things that we can do to get a sexy, healthy glow. 

One of the best make-up lines that I’ve found that gives fantastic coverage to women with any skin condition is Glo Minerals, which is distributed by Carolyn Diamond Studio. I have found that Glo Minerals is not only gentle on the skin, but it also provides flawless coverage. The application is easy and the texture is oh-so-very light!  My favorite pick-me-up about Glo Minerals is the blush, Papaya. The color works for almost every skin tone.

Keep in mind that ALL make-up should blend together evenly and naturally. 

  • Use a kabuki brush and apply in a circular motion — starting from the outside of the face inward, toward the T-Zone area 
  • Lightly go over your face with Glo Minerals Sunskiss Bronzer — use a fan brush to apply the bronzer (this will make a sexy, healthy glow)
    • Be sure NOT to overdo it with the bronzer…especially in the winter months, less is better. 
  •  After applying the face make-up, I like using the Glo Mist…it sets the make-up and keeps the skin hydrated – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Bring depth to your eyes with Glo Minerals eye pencil called Black/Brown. Use the smudging tip (on other side of pencil) to give depth to the eye area. I have found this liner to be easier and safe to apply, even when going through chemotherapy.  
    • Consult with your doctor first before putting anything near your eyes. Safety first.
  • Finally, don’t leave the house without Glo Minerals Peony lip gloss

During the many months of treatment, your skin can become dull and lack a healthy glow. This is due mainly to the treatments, medications and stress put on your body. But you can get your groove on for the holiday seasons. Some of my favorite products that were lifesavers during my treatments were Salicylic Face and Body Wash, Chamomile Facial Cleanser, Glycolic Face Toner, Vita-C Day Cream, Multi-complex Night Cream, Lipid Drops and Ultra Benefits Cream. To learn more about each of these products, click here.

 Ladies, if you should have any questions on how to brighten your look for the holidays or for any occasion, please “Ask Carolyn Diamond.”