LBBC challenges you this December

A reflection of quality of life this holiday season

You’ve probably noticed street lights aren’t the average red, yellow and green lately. That’s because holiday lights have come full circle on each street corner adding a brighter shine and a luminous vision for what this month has in store. During the holiday season, it’s quite natural that we express feelings of gratitude while we eat more, laugh louder and wonder tirelessly about what the next year has to offer. Children are looking forward to the suspense of the holidays and that in itself brings warmth to adults who seemingly see themselves in children. Tis’ the season to be jolly…

But along with expressing feelings of “jolly” and good nature, remember to spend this holiday season reflecting what quality of life means to you. As a woman affected by breast cancer, you may feel like you may not be in control of your diagnosis, treatment or side effects. However, you are in FULL control of how you manage the beauty that still exists in your life. Breast cancer is a life-changing diagnosis. However, the greater it impacts your life, the more you should embrace any element that reflects positivity, love and acceptance.

This season, when you’re opening your gifts, reminiscing with family or traveling to the nearest lodge, resort or family member’s house, appreciate every moment in between. As the New Year approaches, put your long-term goals into perspective. But first, acknowledge the goals that you’ve already achieved. Celebrated a birthday? Attended your youngest child’s graduation? Took your first set of piano lessons? These are all milestones! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting to the finish-line that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for the preparation we did to get there.

This December, LBBC is challenging you to reflect how far you’ve come in your journey with breast cancer. As you reflect you’ll come to see how you’ve experienced quality of life in your very own way.

LBBC’s mission: empowering all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life.

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