Breast cancer is a part of their history too

This entry was written by Stephanie Lawrence, LBBC volunteer:

October is usually a hard month for me with all things “pink” everywhere. Five years out and I am at the point where I do not start my day thinking of my breast cancer. However, this year I had a very special surprise.

One afternoon in early October my 11-year-old son’s middle school advisor emailed me to say that my son, Bradley, wanted to organize a bake sale to fundraise for Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC).  Bradley was 5 years old when I was diagnosed with stage 1 invasive lobular breast cancer. I had to undergo surgery followed by a six-month course of chemotherapy that ended with a course of radiation.

Needless to say it was a very upsetting time in our household. Bradley is a sensitive boy and I know he was extremely concerned about me and needed constant reassurance that I would be okay. Bradley is very proud of the connection our family has to LBBC. I volunteer weekly at the office in Haverford.  He often asks me what have I done at my regular Wednesday afternoon volunteer position. He has also joined me on occasion to stuff envelopes or has just tagged along on a day off from school to keep me company.

It made me so proud to drive up to school the day of the bake sale and see him behind the bake sale table leading his peers to support something he feels passionate about. Bradley and several other children in his advisory decorated a beautiful donation box and all the children and their families baked lots of goodies! At the end of the school day they set up the bake sale at the carpool line so all of the hungry tweens and teens could purchase their treats! After the last car pulled away we counted up the money they collected and we were overwhelmed with the support that we received from our school community. Bradley and his team raised $117.36!

Bradley and I went right over to Jean and the staff at LBBC. A huge smile never left Bradley’s face. Everyone at the office made a huge fuss over Bradley and his donation box! It was a wonderful afternoon with my child. This experience has filled me with enormous pride and joy. More importantly, I have realized that even though we do not talk about my breast cancer often, it has stayed with both of my children and will forever be a part of their history, as well as mine. The love and support I have received from my two boys, Jordan who is 15 and Bradley, and not to mention my husband, Richard, has been my strength through it all. I feel very lucky and blessed to be raising such fine children who want to make a difference and support things that are dear to them.

donate to LBBC, living beyond breast cancer, volunteer opportunities

Bradley (center) was so enthusiastic about submitting his donation to LBBC. His mom, Stephanie (left), and LBBC’s CEO, Jean Sachs (right), support his efforts!

Did someone you know do something special in honor of your breast cancer diagnosis? Share your story with us!

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