Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the final days

Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month is nearly over, the reality is a breast cancer diagnosis doesn’t take time off. Thankfully, LBBC can continue to reach women affected by breast cancer with our programs and resources because of the generosity of donations that come from our dedicated corporate sponsors and our shop to support partners.

During the month of October, leading retailers including Frye, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, and Rubbermaid to name a few, have created products to benefit LBBC. With the sale of each product, a percentage of sales will be donated back to LBBC to help us continue to further our mission.

Get your boot shopping out of the way during these last days of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and before the “white stuff” gets here. Help give breast cancer the boot by shopping at Frye! The retail company will donate 20% of the proceeds from the sale of select “pink” items.

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics has partnered with LBBC in the past introducing warm shades of pink to their lipstick line. Order your very own Phoenix lipstick during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of October and for the illustrious women who are affected by breast cancer, the ingredients of Phoenix lipstick “evoke the joy, humor and daily pleasures of femininity.” A percentage of sales of up to $25,000 will be donated to LBBC.

The holiday season is approaching and “left-overs” never looked better! Need room in your refrigerator? Are you tired of moving pots around in search of the gallon of milk? Then you need the convenient Rubbermaid TakeAlong containers that benefit LBBC. Purchase your set of four at your local grocery store. Rubbermaid will donate 6% of proceeds to LBBC.

The Takeya USA eco-friendly water bottle is a trendsetting accessory for you to house your favorite liquid products. Essie Cosmetics nail polish “We Can Do it Pink” is a classy nail color that works perfectly when you’re on the go and just need to give your nails a professional shine. The Elemis skincare kit is a collection of products that work together to restore your youthfulness and the glow underneath your skin.

During the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we encourage you to make every promotion count. Visit our Shop to Support webpage where you can find a range of products that can add style to your wardrobe, utilities to your kitchen cabinet, and a glow to your skin! Thank you for your continued support!

Are you interested in being a Shop to Support partner with LBBC? You can help us to continue to reach all women affected by breast cancer with our programs and resources! View our Shop to Support guidelines and email us at for more information.

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