Exhibitors look forward to LBBC’s conferences too

This entry was written by Susan McHugh, representative for Pink Ribbon Associates. Pink Ribbon Associates exhibits at Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s educational conferences. Hear why Susan is looking forward to this year’s fall conference.

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Pink Ribbon Associates sells collectible pieces that help women through their breast cancer journeys.

Pink Ribbon Associates enjoys working at the LBBC conferences from year to year.  Our experience as an exhibitor gives us the opportunity to meet strong and amazing women with inspirational stories to tell.  As a matter of fact, women who visit our table are usually surprised to learn that we (Pink Ribbon Associates staff) are both breast cancer survivors who met in chemotherapy.  We started Pink Ribbon Associates as a way to give back to the cancer community.

One of the aspects we love about the conference is listening to the informative speakers, gathering the knowledge and being able to participate in the “Question and Answer” portion of the program.  It is very helpful when the speakers have such positive and useful responses and it is also exciting to see who the keynote speaker will be, like Elizabeth Edwards a couple of years ago. This year’s keynote speaker is Marisa Weiss, MD, a prominent member of the breast cancer community and the founder of Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Other exhibitors come from all parts of the country!  They are so creative in their handmade items as well as other inspirational and meaningful gift ware.  We are in awe of how we sit next to someone in the morning, who is a complete stranger, and by the end of the day that stranger is your new BFF.  The conference is a wonderful bonding experience.

At the LBBC conference, women gravitate to our table for the wide variety of gifts we offer to newly diagnosed, women in treatment, children whose parents have been diagnosed and we even carry gifts for the caregivers.  Among our best selling items are:
* The Loving Heart Pillow 

* The whimsical Talking Teddy Bear

When women visit our table this year, they will notice that we have added many more new and exciting gifts for the survivor and their families/caregivers.

Gifts are given to show appreciation, express love, celebrate a new beginning, recognize an achievement, mark a passage, bring a smile and say “I care.”  Pink Ribbon Associates creates a destination for those in search of the perfect gift that acknowledges support in a way that says “I am here” and “I care.”

For more information about LBBC’s fall conference, News You Can Use: Breast Cancer Updates for Living Well, click here. It’s not too late to register. You may be eligible for a fee waiver!

5 thoughts on “Exhibitors look forward to LBBC’s conferences too

  1. I love this company! What they are doing is so wonderful and they are so passionate about spreading the message that women are not alone while they are going through breast cancer.

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