A bike ride through a breast cancer journey

This entry was written by Russell, who has been partaking in a bike ride in honor of his mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2009 and millions of others who are affected by breast cancer.

“Breast Cancer: A Journey’s Ride” is an intimate and compelling bike ride specifically because it is designed to mirror the journey of trials and tribulations through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This October, I will start the bike ride at the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Cherokee, North Carolina. I will complete the journey approximately 517 miles later in Front Royal, Virginia.

Since recovery is a challenging journey, I am prepared to cover 50 to 75 miles per day for twelve days, rain or shine. I will start the ride at the bottom of the parkway, which parallels the low point in my family’s trip, my mother’s diagnosis. The difficult twists and turns and climbs of the roadway represent the ups and downs of recovery. Each hill that I climb, I face doubt and fear that I may not make it to the top, but this too is part of the challenges faced during breast cancer.

This is what my mother and family have felt and gone through since that day of diagnosis. Additionally, my mother plans on accompanying me for part of the ride by biking the first few miles on the first day to show the will and determination to climb from lowest point of this journey of cancer. She also plans to ride the entire last day, symbolizing her own journey and healing.

I would appreciate your prayers and financial support in this “Journey’s Ride.” Please consider supporting me in my efforts to help individuals and families affected by breast cancer by donating to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This special organization helps others live a better, healthier quality of life through conferences, their website, teleconferences, and seminars.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer provides unique information to others currently on their own healing journeys. Please pledge either per mile or one sum for the event. With love, support, faith and a will to fight, I know we can overcome this challenge together.

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Russell bikes in honor of his mother and to raise funds to help LBBC continue to empower all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life.

Learn more about “Breast Cancer: A Journey’s Ride” by visiting the group Facebook page.

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