LBBC message boards give YOU the power

This entry was written by Katie Creme Henry, Program Assistant for LBBC. Find out why Katie urges all of you to join her in message board discussions.

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I am a huge fan of social networking.  I love the idea of connecting and sharing information with people across the country and around the world.  That’s why I’m so excited to be the LBBC message board  moderator!  I’ve been working on organizing and updating our forums to make it an even better experience for you.  If you haven’t already created a user account, I’m waiting for you to join me on the boards!

What I like best about the message boards  is our ability to have in-depth conversations about issues relating to breast cancer in a space designed just for us. Many of you may notice that we use our Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote LBBC programs and other community-oriented things that we’re part of. Or maybe you check out our FB and Twitter pages to get a snapshot of our blog postings, which upload directly to these accounts. Our creative blog writers are usually assigned topics that are meaningful, first-person stories. These stories help you to relate, be inspired, and possibly put a face to your personal breast cancer journey. However, the message boards are where you can initiate a discussion that may not have been highlighted in the blog or on a FB status or Twitter tweet. You have the power to start discussions, empower a significant audience, and be responsive in a topic that is your specific interest.

For example, if you were wondering what to expect during a particular type of treatment, you can put it out there for your peers to provide feedback. After all, you should feel empowered knowing that your breast cancer experience and your journey could possibly be a stepping stone for someone else. You’ve been there, got through it, and now, you have a testimony for a woman who may feel alone and who may have lost hope. Have you ever thought that the personal advice you give a woman on LBBC’s message board could make your “survivor sister’s” journey a little more hopeful? This is the power of your participation on the message boards! So go ahead and post something!

As the moderator, I’m there to keep the discussion going.  I love sharing tidbits from LBBC programming.  Since not everyone can attend our networking meetings and conferences or listen in on our teleconferences, I’ve created a space on the boards to share the information those programs provide.  If you’ve attended any programs or wanted to learn more about them, you can find them here. We’ve also created forums to help you chat with women going through similar experiences – woman who are newly diagnosed, young women affected by breast cancer,  and women living with advanced breast cancer are a few examples to name.

There’s no wrong way to use the message boards, you can share as much or as little about yourself as you want.  You can come just to read or you can participate in every discussion.  The boards are there for you.  Let them be a resource and a source of support.  Share your knowledge and comfort. Learn something new.  Get strength on a challenging day.  But remember, challenging days can become a little brighter when you have someone who can listen to your concern and share a little bit of hope.

I’ll be waiting for you to come and say “hi” to me, your fearless moderator, KatieCH.

Join Katie today in a message board discussion that may interest you. The new Welcome To the Message Boards forum will introduce you to new features that you can explore to personalize your message board profile!

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