LBBC brings you a new recipe every month

Every month, Linda Nygaard will contribute a blog on behalf of her personal and intimate recipe selections! Linda is partnering with LBBC as a blog-series writer so she can exercise her true belief that “food heals.”  She believes that food should be prepared with love and given freely. She wants to share her cooking secrets will LBBC blog readers! A breast cancer survivor herself, she acknowledges her friends for bringing food to her door when she was in chemotherapy and living alone. Without them, “she may well have lived on bread and bananas.”

This entry was written by writer Linda Nygaard:

I’m so grateful for all those plates of love arriving at my door when I was sick and recovering. Now that I’m a year on the other side of it, I think of all the other women who are in the middle of it and whose tummies are upset, whose hearts are broken, who can’t cook for themselves and whose friends might not know the right things to cook.  I also remember that not many things sounded appealing to me.  As a food writer, general food enthusiast and cook, I was accustomed to eating a full spectrum of food.  Not being able to eat the foods I love added more sorrow and pain to my already hurting body, and it made me sad, too. 

However, I’m pretty determined, and I wanted to eat! So while I was sick I experimented with recipes (both mine and other cooks’) and came up with some soothing food that I think other women undergoing chemo might like, too.  (If you have had chemo you will know what I’m talking about: much of my experimenting came in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep. I was rather like a mad scientist at work!)

When friends offered to bring food and asked what I was hungry for, I usually requested something creamy and soft….something with noodles, potatoes or rice, or cream.  My sweet tooth didn’t disappear with chemo, though, so lots of times all I could think about was angel food cake, crème Brule, or ice cream. Thankfully, my friends were happy to oblige when I was too sick to cook. And, my oncologist said, “Don’t worry about the calories right now. Just EAT! And eat whatever you want.”  Ohhhh goodie!  When you are in chemotherapy, small victories matter!

I want to share with others what I’ve learned, so I will be posting a recipe or two on the LBBC’s blog each month.  This month, it’s about the biscuits…

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Linda Nygaard will write a blog every month that will introduce you to new recipes that are uplifting and tasty!

Stay tuned for Linda’s first recipe posting! Visit our Facebook page! We want to hear about the foods you craved while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

2 thoughts on “LBBC brings you a new recipe every month

  1. I appreciated hearing about Linda’s experience with what she craved during her chemo experience and will look forward to trying her bisquit recipe. However, it would have been helpful if her “story”, meaning her blog about needing the comfort foods during chemo had come first and the recipe later because I wasn’t sure whose recipe it was.. At first I thought it belonged to the woman who was featured first in the column. At any rate.. it is helpful to know about these things as I will now know better what to bake/cook for friends/relatives who are going thru this in the future! Comfort food it shall be!

  2. I love the idea of a blog like this. It’s so important not just to eat right, but in a way that doesn’t drain all of our energy preparing it 🙂

    I craved – and still crave – sweets. I’m learning to bake in a whole new way. Still trying to make the perfect no-guilt brownie!

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