Take advantage of LBBC’s Ask The Expert

We are approaching the final days of our Ask the expert: Fear of Recurrence segment available on LBBC’s website this month. Take a moment today and pose your personal question to Sage Bolte, PhD, LCSW, OSW-C about your fears concerning the “what if IT comes back” questions.

Fear of recurrence is one of the biggest challenges some women face in moving on with life. These fears are normal, but they can interfere with your ability to care for yourself. By getting your questions answered about your fears, you can learn how to manage and integrate your breast cancer history into your life.

LBBC is moving forward in helping you raise your voice to breast cancer. Each month, we ask a breast cancer expert to respond to your questions on a specific topic during an ask-the-expert residency. Answers to select questions will be posted on our website on an ongoing basis!

This is how it works:

Question:Can you please review what a counselor can do for a person, and where I should go to find one?

Dr. Bolte: A mental health professional can be helpful to an individual, couple or family in a variety of ways. This professional can help assess and identify coping skills to help you better manage thoughts, feelings or areas of your life that are creating or reacting to stress and decreasing your quality of life. For example, if you are experiencing increased anxiety around your diagnosis, or if fear of recurrence is interfering with your quality of life, a counselor could help you identify triggers that may be increasing these fears. The counselor can then work with you to better manage these fears and improve your overall quality of life…

Click here to continue reading Dr. Bolte’s answer, read more answers on other questions that you may want answered, and learn about this new incentive that LBBC is moving forward with.

Do you have a question that you think Dr. Bolte may be able to answer? Pose your FEAR OF RECURRENCE question here before September 1st.

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Order LBBC’s Guide To Understanding Fear of Recurrence by calling 610 645 4567

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