Fund-a-Need – The Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant

The main goal of the healthcare reform bill, signed into law back in March, was to extend healthcare coverage to 32 million people who are uninsured. Unfortunately, women affected by breast cancer are among that astronomical number.

The reality is that most women affected by breast cancer face an inadvertent financial burden that is as a result of their recent and shocking diagnosis. For women who are fighting breast cancer and are in financial need, LBBC and the Great Guys Group, Inc. work in collaboration to administer the Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant, a one-time grant of up to $2,000 in value depending on need dispersed to women in the Philadelphia region.

Many of these women just like you and me, have financial obligations: a family to support, groceries to buy, childcare expenses to pay for, a mortgage or rent to uphold. These very women who share the same every day responsibilities that you and I share never had to factor medical expenses into their budgets, until now. To add to the trauma, stress, and unimaginable agony of their diagnosis, now these women are forced to feel guilty about spending their check, which would normally go toward mortgage, on medical expenses that may be their only hope to survival.

Founded by Cis Golder, an active LBBC volunteer for nearly a decade, the Golder Grant was her way to display a passionate attitude about helping those less fortunate. She was diagnosed with breast cancer three times and each time her concern for women fighting the disease grew stronger. Because of Cis’ inspiration, the Golder Grants provide necessary dollars for an array of “invisible expenses,” such as utility and household bills, rent, transportation, childcare, prostheses, compression garments, and wigs. To date, we have dispersed over $300,000, becoming both a lifeline and ray of hope to hundreds of women affected by breast cancer in financial need.

If you would like to be part of Cis’ vision for women affected by breast cancer, visit our website  or call 610 645 4567 and find out how you can fill out the fund-a-need donation form. This year’s Butterfly Ball Fund-a-Need effort goes directly toward the Golder Grant.

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