The victory is in trying

This entry was written by Dana Dukes of Philadelphia, PA who just celebrated her birthday earlier this month:

A few weeks ago I submitted a short essay and two pictures for  a White House | Black Market photo shoot. Even though I wasn’t picked as one of the finalists, the victory was in me just trying.  I really had a good time finding a picture and writing the essay. I didn’t know what to say at first, but I just worked it out. Although I was having image issues, I applied anyway. I’m glad I did because I still was able to reach and touch someone with just my entry.

Here is Dana’s entry: 

On December 30, 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Advance Breast Cancer with metastasis to the liver and the lungs at the age of 36, with no family history at all. I would be the first one. Two years have gone by since, and there have been some ups and downs, but I’m yet still holding on and fighting.

Unfortunately, there’s now activity in my lungs and my brain but, I’m on chemotherapy again, and doing just fine. I am standing on my faith, and fighting for my life. I plan to be a shining light that there is hope in this fight against breast cancer.

I was told that I left those at White House | Black Market awed, moved, and inspired. That alone made my day! If I did that with just an entry then I have done one more thing in my fight against breast cancer. To be able to share my story in any way and to be able to reach others through a simple contest submission is a blessing. God be praised.

I am a Warrior Survivor and I want to encourage others on this fight in any way. There’s faith and hope with each new day that we face.

I will do it all over again just to touch one person and to tell my story of how God is healing me as I hold on to my faith and my hope. There’s an awareness to get out there. I plan to do my part and make light of the importance of breast cancer awareness.

lbbc, dana dukes, breast cancer, white house black market, chicos fas, inc

Dana Dukes submitted this stunning picture for the White House / Black Market Photo Shoot in New York City that took place earlier this month

Donna Noce Colaco, president of White House | Black Market was featured on the CBS Early Show. Donna briefly discussed the brand and the importance of breast cancer awareness with meteorologist, Dave Price. “We are a clothing line for women. How can we not be behind breast cancer awareness? It takes away from our credibility and our genuineness,” she said.

Click here to read about the White House / Black Market photo shoot or view the behind-the-scence pictures from the Early Show and the photo shoot in our facebook album.

One thought on “The victory is in trying

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