Children support LBBC too

LBBC receives tons of mail every day. Whether our friendly mailman drops off letters, small packages, thank you cards, donations, and a host other magazines that we’ve subscribed to over the years, we are never expecting a nice little note from a 5-year-old. That’s right, a 5-year-old!

As Donnie, the mailman, handed me the package, he says, “I don’t know what’s in this one. It feels a little funny.” Shaking the package, all I could hear was what sounded like the sound of coins. I have to admit, I thought that maybe “it” could have been some really clattery peanuts of some sort. I mean, really, who would send coins through a postal service? Ok, ok…who would send peanuts?

Jean A. Sachs, CEO of LBBC, would be in for a pleasant surprise during her regular routine of opening the mail and distributing it to the appropriate staff member. She finally gets to the “package.” After opening it, she is greeted by a short little note from 5-year-old Noah who apparently cleaned out all of the change from his piggy bank.

And the grand total is…$11.66! I almost forgot about the Mickey Mouse token!

Thank you, Noah. LBBC appreciates you and every cent that you contributed to such a great cause.

living beyond breast cancer, donation for LBBC

Noah attached a friendly letter to LBBC along with his $11.66 donation.

One thought on “Children support LBBC too

  1. How wonderful that a 5-year-old has the heart to give. I hope he gets lots of hugs and kisses – I’d love to give him some. His family must be wonderful to teach one so young the joy of giving.

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